Skimm'd with freshly painted nails…

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JUNE 01, 2018


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Skimm'd with freshly painted nails…


"YE" – The WiFi name at Kanye's listening party in Wyoming. Should be Yeezy to remember.


The Story

Monsoon season is about to get worse in Bangladesh. And hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims are bracing for the rain.

Back it up.

Rohingya are a Muslim minority group in Myanmar – a mostly-Buddhist country. Myanmar has discriminated against them for years. Then last summer it all came to a head. A Rohingya militant group attacked the army. Which responded by burning Rohingya villages and killing and raping thousands of people. About 700,000 Rohingya fled to next-door neighbor Bangladesh. Now, they're up against a new danger: monsoon season.

Tell me about that.

Monsoon season there usually starts in April and hits its peak in July. And kills dozens of people each year. Refugee camps – most built on hillsides – are based in parts of the country that may get up to 40 inches of rain in one month. They've been prepping for the worst of the rain – and they could get hit with a cyclone soon.

This doesn't sound good.

It's not. These refugees live in makeshift tents made from bamboo and tarp. The rain could cause mudslides and wash away their homes. Damaged roads could delay delivery of food, aid, and lifesaving supplies. And contaminated water could cause diseases like cholera.


Rohingya are not welcome back in Myanmar. And are slowly being pushed out of Bangladesh. Their options for where to go next are few and far between.


What to say when your SO asks you about moving in together…

Raising the stakes. Yesterday, the Trump administration said it's handing out tariffs on steel and aluminum to Mexico, Canada, and the EU. Yes, these are US allies. President Trump has been talking about this since earlier this year to follow through on his promise to protect US jobs. But Trump hit the snooze button for several allies while they negotiated better trade deals. Now, Trump said 'I'm done waiting.' The tariffs went into effect at midnight. US allies immediately said 'we see your tariffs and raise you more.' The EU said it's looking at things like bourbon whiskey, Mexico is looking at cheeses, and Canada said it's looking at steel and aluminum. This whole situation puts the US in the middle of a trade war with some of its top trade partners and closest allies.

What to say to your friend who's headed to Europe…

Here's what's going on down there. Spain's conservative government had a rough morning. Today, the country's Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy lost a no-confidence vote in parliament. Rajoy is one of Europe's longest-serving prime ministers. But Spanish lawmakers are saying 'adiós' after a corruption scandal was linked to his party. Before the vote, Rajoy pretty much accepted defeat and said he's leaving Spain better than he found it. Socialist leader Pedro Sánchez is set to replace him. Meanwhile, Italy's been in crisis mode for the past few weeks. But yesterday, it reached a deal for a coalition gov. Markets everywhere are breathing a sigh of relief. Also, Denmark passed a law banning burqas and niqabs that some Muslim women wear. Similar laws have already been passed Austria, France, and Belgium. Critics say this goes against freedom of expression and religion. Supporters say it's about protecting women's rights.

What to say when someone bumps into you...

You're excused. Yesterday, President Trump pardoned conservative author Dinesh D'Souza – who's known for being a professional bigot. See here. In 2014, D'Souza pleaded guilty to making illegal campaign contributions in other people's names. He was sentenced to five years of probation. Now, Trump's saying D'Souza was "treated very unfairly by our government." And Trump's only just getting started. He's also looking into helping out former Illinois governor and current inmate Rod Blagojevich. And Martha Stewart. Both of them were part of "The Apprentice" franchise. Interesting.

What to say when it's the first day of Pride Month

Let's celebrate. Just like the Golden State Warriors are doing after clinching the win in Game 1 of the NBA Finals. This is their fourth time facing off against the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Finals. A missed free throw in the fourth quarter helped the Warriors take the lead in overtime. Game 2 goes down on Sunday.

What to say when you know you've crossed the line...

I take it back. That's what Samantha Bee's saying to Ivanka Trump.


For when you're in a Friday mood...

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