Skimm'd while padding our savings

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JUNE 05, 2018


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Skimm'd while padding our savings


"A little permission slip to enjoy myself" – A man who goes to the movies alone. Don't get too wild now.


The Story

The Supremes are siding with a baker who refused to make a gay couple's wedding cake.

Quick, remind me.

In 2012, a gay couple asked Colorado baker Jack Phillips to make their wedding cake. He refused because it would go against his religious beliefs. The couple filed a complaint with Colorado's civil rights commission – which said Phillips violated the state's anti-discrimination law. An appeals court agreed.

What's the latest?

The justices ruled 7-2 that the commission violated his First Amendment rights to freedom of religion. But the ruling only applies to this case, and doesn't say whether or not businesses in general can refuse service to gay or lesbian individuals based on their religious beliefs.

What are people saying?

Religious advocates say it's a big win for the First Amendment. Gay rights advocates say discrimination isn't OK and it's a good thing this ruling is so narrow.

Anything else?

The Supreme Court also threw out a lower court's decision to let an undocumented immigrant minor get an abortion while in federal custody. The justices said the case was moot because she did have the abortion. And they didn't want to give this the legal thumbs up for future cases.


People have been watching this case for years because it could have set a national precedent for gay rights. In the end, not so much.

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What to say when your ex reaches out the day after your breakup...

Violating the rules. Prosecutors are accusing Paul Manafort of violating the terms of his bail by tampering with potential witnesses before his trial. Yikes. You know Manafort as President Trump's former campaign chairman. And a key player in Special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation. Last year, Mueller charged Manafort with things like conspiracy against the US and money laundering. He was under house arrest and was later released. Now, prosecutors say Manafort tried to reach out to some witnesses and get them to lie under oath. And they want a judge to revoke Manafort's bail.

What to say when there's a new hire…

Welcome. Apple just unwrapped iOS 12. It wants to help you get your iPhone addiction under control. Safari won't let companies track your personal data so easily anymore. There will be memojis. And you can FaceTime 32 of your closest friends at once. Speaking of tech companies with announcements, Microsoft is officially buying GitHub – that coding platform your developer friend won't stop talking about. And is dropping a casual $7.5 billion to Git it.

What to say when your friend starts dating again…

It's a jungle out there – and in California. Today, Californians head to the polls for their highly anticipated "jungle primary." In 2010, California totally changed up its primary process. Now, the two candidates who get the most votes – regardless of their political parties – face off in November. This year, there are a bunch of Democrats running to try and flip Republican seats. But having so many Dem candidates could hurt the party's chances of clenching a win in November. Speaking of elections, Howard Schultz. The Starbucks executive chairman is stepping down this month. And he's not not making a (coffee) run for prez in 2020.

What to say when your male coworker says he's a feminist…

Want a gold star? Yesterday, Saudi Arabia handed out its first driver's licenses to women. The conservative country has never allowed women to drive before. Because, as we all know too well, driving leads to promiscuity and vulnerable ovaries. Last year, the country threw up its hands and sang 'women, take the wheel.' Yesterday, it let 10 women – who already had licenses from other countries – skip the DMV line. Other Saudi women will have to wait until later this month to pick up their first driver's license. Meanwhile, US doctors are celebrating something of their own: a successful case of using immunotherapy to get rid of advanced breast cancer. Basically, they took a woman's own immune cells, ID'd the ones that were top-notch at fighting cancer, and multiplied those cells until there were oh, tens of billions of them. Then they gave her those cells back to get rid of her cancer. She's been cancer-free for almost two years. Docs want to move this process to clinical trials so they can roll this out on a larger scale.

What to say when you hear Scott Pruitt likes used mattresses…

The Philadelphia Eagles will be sleeping in their own beds tonight. President Trump canceled their trip to the White House over the national anthem controversy.

What to say when you hear "Legally Blonde" might come back to the big screen...

"Mean Girls" is having a very unexpected moment, too.


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