Skimm'd while talking the investing talk

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JUNE 06, 2018


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Skimm'd while talking the investing talk


"IHOb" – IHOP is changing its name. It still won't confirm what the 'b' stands for. But it better b good.


The Story

Election season is in full swing, everybody.

Catch me up.

Yesterday, eight states went to the polls for the biggest single primary day this year. Some of these states are considered big opportunities for Dems to win back the House – especially California...but it's a little tricky.


California's primary process doesn't guarantee any political party a spot on the ballot in November. That's because the two candidates who get the most votes in each race – regardless of their political parties – face off in the fall. The main Q is whether having so many Dem candidates splintered the Dem vote and gave Republican rivals an edge.

So how'd it go?

Results are still coming in. There was a major printing error in LA County that's slowing things down. Early results show voters gave the judge in the Brock Turner case the boot. And it looks like a classic Republican v Democrat race for governor.

Anything else?

Speaking of shaking things up, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) canceled the Senate's summer break – forcing some Dems to push pause on going home to campaign. And billionaire Republican donor David Koch is stepping down from his businesses because of health issues.


Everyone and their mom has been holding their breath to see if a wave of Democrats has what it takes to flip California's Republican seats. They're still holding their breath.

PS: The primary season is just kicking off. We made you a calendar to keep track of all the major races coming up. Get it here. And get more Skimm content in our app here.


What to say to your friend who has a handbag for every outfit…

Kate Spade would be proud. Yesterday, the iconic fashion designer was found dead by apparent suicide. You know her name from her handbag empire – which includes everything from neon pink wallets to purses designed like a keyboard. She started making bags in the early '90s with her husband out of their apartment. And created six types of bags she thought every working woman would need. She later added things like shoes, luggage, and other accessories to the brand. More than a decade ago, she left the company after it was sold for $125 million. Now, there's more than 140 Kate Spade New York stores around the country. RIP.

PS: If you or someone you know needs this, here's the number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255

What to say when your credit card bill is running high…

SOS. Medicare and Social Security funds are running out of money. Fast. Reminder: Social Security is the program that gives benefits to older and disabled people. Medicare is the health insurance program for the 65+ crowd. Last year, Congress put their funding on the back burner to pass massive tax cuts. Now officials say part of Medicare will run dry in the next eight years. And Social Security a few years after that. Unless Congress acts. In other things needing an assist, Chinese tech giant ZTE. It reportedly signed off on a deal with the US gov that would let it buy from US companies again. The US had banned ZTE for not following through on a deal it made after violating sanctions. Now, it's reportedly letting ZTE back in the game – though the Commerce Dept says, 'no deal just yet.'

What to say to your coworker who always comments on your messy desk…

Let me live (here). Yesterday, the EU's top court said that all EU countries have to give residency rights to gay spouses, even if that country doesn't allow gay marriage. Six EU countries still don't think love is love. A gay couple – one Romanian and the other from the US – wanted to move to Romania together. The issue: Romania doesn't accept gay marriage. And said it wouldn't recognize the American as a 'spouse.' Now, the EU court is weighing in. This decision means that any EU citizen that ties the knot – regardless of who they marry – can live wherever they want in the EU. Gay rights advocates are popping bubbly and calling this a big victory.

What people are watching…

The Nipah virus. The World Health Organization says 17 people died from the deadly disease in India in the recent outbreak. Nipah is spread by bats. Yes, bats. It damages your brain and can cause flu-like symptoms (think: fever, coughing, headache). And can lead to things like pneumonia, seizures, and comas. There's currently no cure. The outbreak was first reported last month. Now, there's fear that the disease could spread. Meanwhile, a court's asking Puerto Rico to release death certificates issued after Hurricane Maria hit the island last year. This is to figure out if the death toll is 64 (like the gov initially said) or more than 4,600 (like a recent report estimates). In other things under a microscope, a court in Mexico is calling for a new investigation about the 43 college students who went missing there back in 2014. Stay tuned.

What to say when the five-day forecast for your vacation says rain…

Leave the bathing suit at home.


This week, we're talking about your hard-earned cash money. And today, we get into investing. Here's your Skimm on what options are out there to help you make the best decision.

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For when you stayed up way too late...

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For when you find $20 in your pocket…

Skimm'r of the Week Beth Awalt knows how you can spend it. She's the co-founder and co-director of Starfish Foundation – an org that brings scholarships, tutoring, and leadership development skills to students in Ecuador. Learn more here.

For when you still haven't gotten something for dad…

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