Skimm'd while learning how the stock market works

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JUNE 07, 2018


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Skimm'd while learning how the stock market works


"Yass" – A real town in Australia that the "Queer Eye" cast visited. Can you believe?


The Story

A potential new immigration rule has some undocumented immigrants on edge.

What are you talking about?

The Dept of Homeland Security proposed a rule to crack down on sponsors of undocumented minors entering the country. It's expected to go into effect today.

Sponsors…remind me.

Undocumented children who enter the US without an adult are held in shelters until the gov clears a sponsor to get custody of a child. Most sponsors are family members. Some are undocumented. All sponsors have to at least go through interviews and background checks. Some get fingerprinted.

So what's the new rule?

All sponsors could go through criminal background and legal status checks. So could anyone living with them. Sponsors could also get fingerprinted. Another major change: ICE is involved, and will oversee it all.

What do critics say?

That ICE could use this info to deport undocumented sponsors. Leaving many family members with a tough choice: pick up these kids and risk deportation, or let someone else sponsor these kids and protect themselves.

What do supporters say?

That this will help protect children by thoroughly vetting sponsors and cut down the risk of human trafficking.

Anything else?

Yesterday, the ACLU and other groups sued the Trump administration for including a question on the 2020 census that asks respondents if they're US citizens. It says the question discriminates against immigrants.


Undocumented immigrants are already fearful of the attorney general's "zero tolerance" policy that prosecutes anyone who crosses the border illegally. Now they can add this new DHS rule to their list of things to worry about.


What to say when describing your outfit on laundry day…

Off trend. Facebook is getting rid of its "trending" news section. And is coughing up money to get news outlets like ABC and CNN to create shows for its platform. You can find them in Facebook's Watch section later this summer. Speaking of the Book, it's in the middle of yet another data privacy concern. This time, it's about how it shared data with Huawei – a Chinese smartphone company that the US considers a national security threat. Great. In other tech news, Spotify apparently thinks its a record label now. It's reportedly offering advances to some musicians and managers in exchange for licensing some of their music directly to Spotify.

What to say when you hear Trump helped out Alice Marie Johnson...

Veterans are getting an assist, too. Yesterday, President Trump signed a bill to expand vets' access to health care. For years, the management of the Dept of Veterans Affairs has been kind of the worst. This new law – which has bipartisan support – will let vets skip gov-run medical centers and go to a private doc if needed. One hiccup: the Trump admin and senators aren't on the same page about how to pay for it. Another thing people on the Hill are talking about is a GOP senators' report about the Obama admin. As part of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, the US dropped some of its sanctions against Iran. And Iran got access to frozen money overseas. The report says the Obama admin tried to help it exchange that money into euros via the US dollar. Even though officials told the public they wouldn't go around sanctions and get US banks involved. Now people are calling out the Obama admin for lying to the public about this.

What to say when the co-worker who works late comes in early…

You overachiever you. Last night, the Golden State Warriors won their third game of the NBA finals…in a row. The game was a nail biter, with the Cavs taking the initial lead. But Kevin Durant – and his 43 points – brought the Warriors to victory. Now, the Dubs are one win away from calling themselves NBA champs. So cancel your plans for tomorrow. Game 4 is on.

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What to say when your friend shows you a picture of her twins...

Apparently, they're not Beyoncé's.

What to say when you hear not a single woman appeared on Forbes' list of highest-paid athletes…

At least Melania appeared somewhere.


War of 1812

A war in which Canada did not burn down the White House. That was the Brits.


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For your friend who's always wearing flares…

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