Skimm'd with a latte and money on the mind

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JUNE 08, 2018


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Skimm'd with a latte and money on the mind


"A more inclusive vegan salad" – Google removed the egg from its salad emoji. Because priorities.



The Story

Today, the US prez is showing up in Canada for an awkward family reunion.

Tell me about it.

Every year, reps from seven wealthy countries meet up to talk about world problems – and set joint policy goals. The US, Japan, Germany, Italy, Canada, France, and the UK all got the invite. But the US isn't feeling the love right now.

Why's that?

Its new tariffs aren't exactly winning friends and influencing people. Then there's the Paris climate agreement the US pulled out of. And the Iran nuclear deal. Canada and France apparently had tough phone calls with the US – and France is threatening to freeze the US out this weekend. Italy's new prime minister apparently just doesn't want to step on anyone's toes.


Yep. But one person is living for the drama: Russian President Putin. He said he warned Europe about the US. And sees these tariffs as proof of why Uncle Sam can't be trusted.


This is expected to be the most tense G7 summit in the group's more-than-40-year history.


The Story

The Afghan government is extending an olive branch to the Taliban.

Tell me about it.

The Taliban's been fighting with the gov for 17 years now – and about 12% of the population lives under its control. Earlier this year, the Afghan president seemed open to peace talks with the Taliban. But the Taliban continued carrying out attacks. Now, the prez is trying again. Yesterday, he announced a weeklong ceasefire starting next week. And hopes the Taliban will use this time to look inward and drop the violence. The Taliban hasn't said what its next move is. ISIS, al-Qaeda, and other terror groups don't get a pass.


People are pretty skeptical that this effort will lead to peace. But this war has killed or wounded more than 10,000 Afghan civilians in the last year alone – so there's a lot at stake.


What to say when you hear the Philadelphia 76ers Twitter drama has come to an end

The Washington Capitals just ended things with the Vegas Golden Knights. Last night was Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Final. The Caps went into the final up 3-1 and needed one more W to claim Stanley. Now Alex Ovechkin and the team get to call themselves champs...for the first time in 43 seasons. Pucking awesome.

What to say when you promise to stay out past 11…

I lied. Yesterday, a former Senate staffer was arrested on charges of lying to the FBI about his contact with reporters. The staffer was security director for the Senate Intelligence Committee – meaning he had access to classified info. The Justice Dept says he lied when he told investigators he never passed this kind of info along to reporters. This comes as the Trump administration has been trying to crack down on leaks to the media. And it's raising eyebrows for more than one reason: as part of this investigation, the government reportedly got ahold of a New York Times reporter's phone and email records – making journalism advocates say 'we're concerned.'

What people are watching…

Guatemala. Yesterday, rescue efforts for victims of the deadly volcano eruption there were put on hold. Earlier this week, a volcano erupted near Guatemala City. 109 people have died and almost 200 others are still missing, making it the deadliest volcano eruption in the country in decades. Thousands of people have been evacuated. Now, authorities have to hit pause on rescue efforts because of conditions like rain, ash, and heat from the ground – which could potentially lead to dangerous mudslides. It's unclear if or when officials will start up again.

What people are talking about…

This report. The CDC says suicide rates have gone up in almost every state since 1999. Suicide is one of the top causes of death in the US – behind things like heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. In 2016 alone, nearly 45,000 people died by suicide. This study says that suicide rates have spiked by more than 30% in half of US states. And that the majority of those who died by suicide didn't have a diagnosed mental health condition – but many suffered from things like relationship, financial, or physical health problems, as well as substance abuse issues.

PS: If you or someone you know needs this, here's the number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255

What to say to your friend who thinks there's life on other planets…

Hear about this? NASA says it found new evidence that life maaaay have existed on Mars. Dun dun. A space rover found carbon compounds from more than 3 billion years ago, in one of Mars's craters. The reason this matters is because these compounds are what organisms need to live. Cue scientists getting all excited. They're also taking a look at the planet's levels of methane which may give them some hints about the potential for life there. Scientists say this new evidence could help answer David Bowie's Q on if there's life on Mars. Yes, it's pretty crazy. Just like this AI.

What to say when you don't get an invite to your cousin's wedding…

Guess I'm not welcome here.

What to say while listening to the new Kid Cudi and Kanye album

Don't forget to make time for Lisbeth Salander.


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