Skimm'd while marking our calendars for the World Cup

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JUNE 12, 2018



Skimm'd while marking our calendars for the World Cup


"Not really afraid of the burgers from a place that decided pancakes were too hard" – Wendy's, delivering a tasty corporate burn to IHOP.


The Story

President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un walk into a meeting…

What do we know?

They agreed to work toward "complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula" – something Trump said would start happening "very quickly." The US promised the North some security guarantees. And said it would stop what Trump called its provocative "war games" with South Korea – apparently referring to joint military drills. All this came after a one-on-one and a pretty important group date. Oh, and former NBA star Dennis Rodman was in the area. Because naturally.

What don't we know?

The specifics. As in there's no deadlines for actually getting rid of any nuclear weapons. There's also no guarantee this denuclearization process will be verifiable and irreversible – a major US goal. We also still don't know if the two can agree on what 'denuclearization' actually looks like. And it's unclear if Kim's human rights record got more than a shoutout.

What comes next?

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will hold follow-up negotiations with a North Korean official.

Anything else?

Before his historic meeting with Kim, Trump tweeted that Larry Kudlow – his top economic adviser – suffered a heart attack. The White House said that he's in good condition.


Kim got his photo op. He also got security guarantees, an invite to the White House, the start of a "very special bond" with POTUS, and potentially a commitment to end US-South Korea military drills. It's still unclear what Kim will deliver in return.


What people are talking about…

Asylum seekers. Yesterday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that fear of domestic abuse or gang violence won't qualify people for asylum. ICYMI: the Trump administration has been cracking down on illegal immigration. Last month, Sessions announced that every person that illegally crosses the US-Mexico border will be prosecuted. In order to qualify for asylum, people must check off a few requirements – like that they're a part of a "particular social group" that faces persecution and that their gov can't protect them. In 2014, a woman from El Salvador illegally came into the US asking for asylum, claiming her husband repeatedly abused her. In 2016, the Board of Immigration Appeals said she was part of a "particular social group" because women in El Salvador often can't leave violent relationships and their gov can't protect them. Now, Sessions is saying 'I don't think so' and that asylum isn't supposed to "alleviate all problems." Critics say this will be sending people right back into danger.

What people are watching…

This migrant boat. Over the weekend, a boat carrying more than 600 migrants was stranded after Italy and Malta refused to let it through their borders. In recent years, there's been a huge migrant crisis in Europe and many countries there have seen a rise in support for far-right, anti-immigrant parties. More than 600,000 migrants have entered Italy in the past few years. Earlier this year, Italy voted in an anti-EU, anti-immigrant gov. The new interior minister put down a 'not welcome here' mat when this boat was headed its way. The boat – which includes more than 100 children – was also rejected by Malta. The UN and EU demanded the two countries help out. Yesterday, Spain stepped in and offered to help. Unclear how long it might take for the boat to make it there. The standoff highlights not only the migrant crisis but the strain between Italy's new gov and the EU.

What to say when you don't have room for your summer clothes…

Time for a purge. Yesterday, the Supreme Court gave Ohio a thumbs up to its way of removing names from its voter rolls. Federal voting law requires states to make a reasonable effort to update their voting rolls. But they can't remove someone just based on their "failure to vote." In Ohio, the gov sends notices to voters who haven't voted in two years, saying 'hey you up? we need your address.' If the voter doesn't update their info or vote over the next four years, they get dropped. An Ohio man showed up to the polls in 2015 but was no longer registered. He says he doesn't remember getting a notice from the state and sued. His case made it to the Supremes who narrowly sided with Ohio. Supporters say this keeps voter rolls accurate, up to date, and helps fight voter fraud. Critics say this specially targets poor and minority voters. Now, some conservative states may follow Ohio's lead.

What to say when your friends won't tell you if they like your new SO…

Tell me already. Today, a federal judge is expected to decide whether to block or approve AT&T's merger with Time Warner. In 2016, AT&T said it agreed to drop $85.4 billion to acquire all of Time Warner's assets (think: HBO, CNN, TBS, TNT, and Warner Bros.). The Justice Department stepped in and Warn-ed that the deal would hurt competition and could lead to higher prices for consumers. Now, a judge is telling AT&T whether its dream is coming true. The decision might lead to a new standard in how big companies acquire each other.

What to say when you start a new relationship...

Feels like forever, ever.