Skimm'd while checking our calendars for when the World Cup kicks off

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JUNE 14, 2018



Skimm'd while checking our calendars for when the World Cup kicks off


"They can be a bit loud or a bit messy, but we love them" – A Nashville official on bachelorette parties. You're too kind.


The Story

The World Cup is back. Dust off your jerseys.

When is it?

Kick off is today at 11am ET. Then, plan to see the games on at every bar for the next month. You could also watch it on FOX Sports and the FOX Sports app.

Where is it?

All. Over. Russia. Think: 12 different cities. It's the first time the World Cup will be held in Eastern Europe.

Isn't there some murky water with Russia right now?

Yep. There are political tensions between Russia and…the rest of the world. You've probably heard about that time Russia attacked the 2016 US presidential election. And the never-ending probe to determine whether President Trump's campaign was involved. So naturally, there have been some concerns about having the World Cup there.

Tell me more about FIFA.

It's basically the ruler over all things soccer. But with power comes...bribery scandals (cough, Qatar 2022, cough).

Who's going?

Not the US. It lost to Trinidad and Tobago during qualifications. But don't cry just yet – the US, Mexico, and Canada will be joint-hosts of the World Cup in 2026. And host countries usually get an automatic entry. These letters might have helped seal the deal. There are 32 teams from around the world that did make the cut this year.

Which teams should I watch?

Here are some to keep an eye on

Germany: The defending champs and favorites to win this year.

Spain: The 2010 winners. The team appears to be on the right track after a tough 2014 appearance. And after breaking up with its coach 24 hours before the start of the Cup. Bold move.

Brazil: Enjoyed a record qualifying season under a new manager.

France: Currently has the best crop of young players at the tournament.

Iceland and Panama: The newbies.

Egypt: Making an appearance after a 28-year hiatus.


The World Cup is kind of a huge deal. Everyone and their mother will be watching. And we Skimm'd everything you need to know, including players to watch.

PS: There are 64 games. Our app's sports calendar can help you figure out which ones you'll actually want to tune in to. Plus, who and what you need to know. Get it here. The first month's on us.


What people are watching…

Yemen. Yesterday, a major assault was launched to help the gov gain control of the country's main port city. Here's the situation: Yemen has been in a civil war for years. Saudi Arabia backs Yemen's gov forces while its regional rival Iran backs the Houthi rebels. And Saudi-led forces are helping the gov try to get territory back. But the UN is putting out some major warning signals and saying that this assault puts hundreds of thousands of lives in danger. And could block access to food and other necessities. Saudi Arabia and friends are hitting 'ignore.' They say they have a plan to protect civilians. And that the assault could reportedly be over in less than a week. In other news on the UN's mind: Gaza. Yesterday, the UN General Assembly voted to blame Israel for the violence in Gaza. And apparently didn't call out Hamas – the Islamist militant group that runs Gaza – like the US wanted it to.

What to say when you hear California is thinking about splitting up

So is Michael Cohen. President Trump's personal lawyer is reportedly calling it quits with his own lawyers. Here's a refresher: Back in 2016, Cohen handed over $130,000 to porn star Stormy Daniels – who claims she had an affair with Trump. Trump denies it. Earlier this year, the FBI raided Cohen's home, office, and hotel room. He's being investigated for potential crimes including bank fraud and campaign finance law violations. Now, a new lawyer team could mean a shift in legal strategy – making some speculate that he might want to cut a deal with the feds. Dun dun dun. Speaking of people reportedly peacing out, Sarah Huckabee Sanders. A CBS report came out that she's trying to leave the White House by the end of the year. But Sanders called (C)BS on the report. She's not ready to say 'Hucka-bye' just yet.

What people are talking about…

Chile. Yesterday, prosecutors there raided the offices of the Roman Catholic Church in two cities. This has to do with a major sex-abuse scandal. At first, the Pope accused victims of "slander" when they were accusing one bishop in particular of being complicit. But then he walked that back. So far, 14 priests there have been accused of having sexual relations with minors. And dozens of bishops in Chile have offered to quit, saying they failed to protect the children. The Vatican's been looking into this: earlier this year, two members released a massive report showing evidence of a cover-up. They say the church there did things like destroy evidence and discredit accusers. Now, Chilean prosecutors are apparently following up on these leads.

What to say after going for a run…

I'm melting. Yesterday, scientists said that Antarctica is melting faster than anyone thought. You've been hearing about Antarctica losing ice for a while now. But this study shows that the rate has accelerated a ton in the past few years. Cue alarm bells. After looking at satellite data, dozens of scientists found that the rate ice has been melting there tripled in the past decade – dumping 200 billion tons of water into the ocean every year. Scientists say we have less than a decade to seriously cut greenhouse gas emissions. Otherwise, some of the worst fears about climate change could come true. Like almost a quarter of the volume of ice there could disappear by 2070. Happy Thursday.

What to say when you hear IQ scores are apparently going down

Interest rates are going up. Thank the Federal Reserve. The good news: this means the economy is looking fiiiiiine and unemployment is low. The bad news: student loans, credit cards, and mortgages could get more expensive. And the Fed's planning two more rate hikes this year.

What to say while mentally preparing for your high school reunion...

I know I can make it through.