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JUNE 18, 2018


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"I thought, 'Not today.'" – A grandmother from Georgia fought off a bobcat with her bare hands. Coming to theaters near you.


The Story

Thousands of separated kids are shining a spotlight on US immigration policy. And people are paying attention.

What's this about?

Last month, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced a "zero tolerance" policy on illegal immigration. Meaning every adult that illegally crosses the US-Mexico border will be prosecuted and jailed. In the past, the gov has often made exceptions for people traveling with kids. This new policy changes that, and separates adults from kids once they cross the border illegally. Now, we're being told how many kids have been affected by this.

Let's hear it.

The Department of Homeland Security says that nearly 2,000 kids were separated between April and May. For context: nearly 1,800 families were reportedly separated over 17 months until February this year. Here's a closer look at where some of these kids are staying.

What's the Trump admin saying?

President Trump said he hates what's happening and that a Dem law is to blame. First Lady Melania Trump chimed in to say both sides of the aisle need to "come together to achieve successful immigration reform." Sessions pointed to the Bible to justify the policy.

What are lawmakers saying?

Both Republicans and Democrats are shaking their heads. But they can't seem to find common ground for a legislative fix. Yesterday, some Dems protested by going to an ICE detention center in New Jersey to spend Father's Day with migrant fathers.


This is not the first time the Trump admin and Congress disagreed on immigration (hi, DACA and the border wall). Now it's unclear who will make moves (Congress, the Trump admin or both) to change this.


What to say when you decide it's time to make a life change…

Colombia's making some big changes too. Yesterday, it voted in conservative Ivan Duque as its new president. This is the first election since the Colombian gov signed a peace deal with the FARC rebels. Reminder: the FARC rebellion started in the '60s as part of a communist movement. Over the past few decades, hundreds of thousands of people have died in the fighting between the rebels and the gov. And millions have been displaced. Both sides agreed on a historic peace deal in 2016 – which earned the prez at the time a Nobel Peace Prize. But the new Colombian prez is ready to overhaul the deal, saying that FARC leaders need to face harsher punishments. Duque campaigned saying he would make some big edits to the deal. Now that he's set to lead the country, the future between the gov and rebels is up in the air.

What to say when you feel like you're moving a mile a minute…

Lots of Russian around. On Friday, a judge sent Paul Manafort to jail. You know him as the ex-Trump campaign manager who is one of the leading stars in special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation. He was out on bail after being charged with things like conspiracy and money laundering. But got his bail revoked for allegedly tampering with potential witnesses. Meanwhile, Roger Stone. He's a well-known GOP strategist and former adviser on the Trump campaign. Turns out he met with a Russian who had dirt on Hillary Clinton before the 2016 election. Nyet a good look.

What to say when you get an invite for an early morning meeting…

Pass. Yesterday, the Taliban said 'thanks but no thanks' to extending a ceasefire with the Afghan gov. The two have been fighting for 17 years. The Taliban has gained control of territory and showed it's not going away. So earlier this year, the Afghan prez said 'let's talk things out.' But the Taliban wasn't down. And although it agreed to a ceasefire earlier this month, the Taliban just said 'no way' to extending it. In other icy relationship news, protesters in Greece still aren't happy with Macedonia. For decades, Greece has low-key hated Macedonia for being called Macedonia. Greeks say the country is trying to steal the heritage of a northern Greek territory also called...Macedonia. Last week, the two countries' PMs announced a deal for a new name: North Macedonia. Many Greeks said 'not good enough' and took to the streets over the weekend. Now, it's up to both countries' parliaments to give it the thumbs up. Then Macedonians take to the polls to vote yea or nay.

What to say after a wild night out…

Balls to the walls. ICYMI, the World Cup's been going down in Russia. Here's what you missed over the weekend: Spain and Portugal ended their game with a tie – but not before Cristiano Ronaldo reminded you why he's a big freakin' deal. World Cup newbie Iceland tied with Argentina. Who knows if it had anything to do with Lionel Messi missing that penalty kick...who knows. And Mexico brought the biggest surprise of the weekend by beating defending champ Germany. Golfers also got to play with balls this weekend. US golfer Brooks Koepka won the US Open for the second year in a row. He's the first to pull a repeat in almost three decades. Sorry, Phil Mickelson, your "Happy Gilmore" moves didn't stand a chance.

What to say when your friend wants to go to a museum…

I only museum with the Carters.