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JUNE 21, 2018


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"34 minutes in and everyone's hair is still holding up well" – A guy asked his girlfriend to text him updates from the World Cup. She did not disappoint.


The Story

After a lot of backlash, President Trump signed an executive order to keep migrant families together.

Back it all the way up.

Migrants voluntarily leave home for a better life. Most that cross the US-Mexico border are from places like Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras – where they're fleeing things like violence, poverty, and drug cartels. Once they get to the border they may claim asylum, aka protection given to non-citizens.

So what's the drama?

Last month, the DOJ announced a new "zero tolerance" policy. Meaning: every adult that illegally crosses the border will be prosecuted. And every child is separated and looked after by a gov agency. Earlier this week, we learned the number of kids separated in a five-week span was more than 2,300. And we got an inside look at some of the detention centers and shelters where they're being held.

How did past administrations deal with this?

The GW Bush admin had a similar "zero tolerance" policy, but made exceptions for adults traveling with kids. The Obama admin typically detained families together or let them go. And got flak for how it handled things.

So why the change?

The Trump admin said there were too many loopholes. That since past admins have made exceptions for families, some people are crossing with kids that aren't their own. And by setting up a "zero tolerance" policy it could send a message to other migrants not to come.

But then why the change of heart?

Because Trump and co got heat from pretty much everyone – from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle to First Lady Melania Trump to Pope Francis. Plus Trump said he didn't like "the sight or the feeling" of families being separated.

What's the new policy?

The "zero tolerance" policy is still a thing. But Trump signed an executive order so families can stick together while they're in custody and get their cases sped up. It's still unclear if families that have already been separated will be reunited.

So that's that.

Not really. There's still a legal issue at play. Trump's trying to get around the 1997 Flores settlement that says kids can only spend 20 days max in detention centers, even if they're with their parents. If he gets it, that means kids may be held indefinitely (cue: legal problems). If he doesn't get it, that means kids may be separated after 20 days (cue: legal problems).


Trump is not the first president to get called out over border policy. But he is the first to mandate kids be separated at the border. Now that he's walked that back, it's leaving more questions for these families than answers.


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Dropping cash. Just like the Walt Disney Company. Yesterday, the company raised its bid for parts of 21st Century Fox. Last year, Disney coughed up $52.4 billion for a big ol' chunk of Fox. But Comcast decided to get in on the fun. And offered Fox $65 billion in cash. Now the Mouse is raising the stakes with a more-than $71 billion offer that has cash and stock options. Fox called the new Disney offer "superior" to Comcast's. Disney said it's up to shareholders to sign off on the deal. Meanwhile, AMC Theatres wants you to drop some cash on its new subscription service. It sounds a lot like MoviePass but apparently the company says it has nothing to do with it. Yeah, okay. Instagram is also getting in the competition – with YouTube. Most users will be able to make videos up to 10 minutes long. And an hour for all the Insta influencers.

PS: 21st Century Fox is a minority investor in theSkimm.

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Time to head up north, eh. Yesterday, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau added a new cal event for when recreational weed will be legal in the country. In 2017, the House of Commons approved legislation to legalize it. Earlier this week, Canada's Senate said 'yeah, man' to making it the second country to go green (heyyyyy Uruguay). The Canadian gov originally wanted to get started in July but need more time to figure out how to handle retail sales of weed. Now, Trudeau said everything will be official in October. So you have a few months to book your trip.

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Time to celebrate. Also, New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern gave birth to a baby girl.

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