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JUNE 26, 2018




"$550,000" – How much Han Solo's blaster sold for at an auction. TBD how Chewie feels about this.


The Story

Trade wars with the EU and China are kicking into high gear.

Reverse. Explain.

President Trump ran on the idea that the country's current trade deals are set up in a way that hurts US workers. So earlier this year, the US threatened to hit countries with steel and aluminum tariffs. Over the past few months, the tariffs have gone into effect. And not everyone is happy.

Like who?

The EU...Last week, it hit back with billions in tariffs on US products ranging from OJ to motorcycles.

Harley-Davidson...Yesterday, the company your dad still thinks is cool said the new tariffs on choppers could cost the co up to $100 million a year. So it's packing up and moving some of its ops overseas.

China...The Trump admin says China isn't a fair player in the trade game. And is giving mixed signals about whether it wants to double-down on the country. Either way, China is apparently saying 'bring it.'

The stock market...Just wishes we could get along like we used to in middle school.


Now that countries are starting to play tit-for-tat, this trade war is showing no signs of stopping. And Harley-Davidson's recent announcement is a sign that this could end up harming US workers more than helping.


What to say when your office is quiet because everyone's OOO…

The Supreme Court had a busier Monday than you. Yesterday, it handed in its final report on some of the last cases it had on deck this term. First up, a Texas gerrymandering case. Gerrymandering: when congressional maps are drawn to favor a certain party. A lower court said districts in the Lone Star State were drawn to suppress minority voters. Now, the Supremes are saying 'not to us' and voted 5-4 that all but one district are fine as is. They also turned down an appeal for Brendan Dassey – who you've seen on "Making a Murderer." And are sending back a case on a florist who refused to make an arrangement for a gay couple's wedding. They just ruled on a similar case (see: cake shop), and think it's now a lower court's problem to take another look.

What to say when your SO wants to watch your trashy TV shows with you…

First time for everything. The FDA approved the first marijuana prescription drug. The magic stuff in the drug is cannabidiol (or CBD). That's a chemical ingredient found in cannabis plants that helps control some seizures. No, it doesn't get you high. Some parents have been giving their kids with severe forms of epilepsy unregulated CBD. Now the gov can take the wheel on regulation.

What to say when your friend is deciding between two wedding dresses…

Biiiiig decisions ahead. Just like for voters. Today, seven states are going to the polls. Because, primary season. You care about the primaries because it sets the stage for who's going head-to-head in the November midterm elections. Here's who to keep an eye on: Mittens aka Mitt Romney (R) wants back in the game in Utah. And Chelsea Manning (D) is trying to get her foot in the door as the next US Senator from Maryland.

What to say when you hear Russell Crowe's updating his resume

So are these new Academy members.

What to say when your friend's trying to hide something...

Spill the (Cardi) B-eans.


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