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JUNE 27, 2018




"Muffin top" – McDonald's is adding the best part of the muffin to its menu. I'm love-handlin' it.


The Story

The Supremes are giving the travel ban 3.0 their seal of approval.

Remind me.

Just days after President Trump was inaugurated, he issued a travel ban on seven Muslim-majority countries because of the admin's fear of national security threats. Many said 'really? Sounds like a Muslim ban.' It led to major protests – and confusion at airports – around the country.

What do you mean by 3.0?

The Trump admin made some edits to the ban after lower courts found just a few constitutional issues with the earlier rounds. Version three rolls out a 'not welcome here' mat to people traveling from Iran, Syria, Yemen, Libya, and Somalia (plus North Korea and kinda Venezuela). Trump says the vetting process for these countries is lax and puts national security at risk. Now, the Supreme Court is saying 'as president, that's your call.'

Should we expect more edits?

Who knows. But the latest version has been in effect since December while courts duked it out.

Immigration, so hot right now.

Yup. And that's not all. Yesterday, 17 states sued the Trump admin to try and force it to reunite families. And late last night, a CA federal judge said 'enough already' and ordered a nationwide end to family separations at the border. The order says that families already separated must be reunited within 30 days.

Anything else?

The Supremes were busy yesterday. They also backed the free speech rights of anti-abortion pregnancy centers in California. And decided this old World War II ruling was not OK.


The travel ban is a big win for Trump. And shows how important SCOTUS nominations are for presidents. His pick Justice Neil Gorsuch has been embracing his role as the tie-breaker and inching the bench to the right, to the right.


What to say when your manager asks people to come in early…

I volunteer you as tribute. Yesterday, seven states went to the polls to choose who'll face off in November. Mitt Romney (R) got his mittens on the Utah's Senate race nom. In Colorado, Rep. Jared Polis (D) won his party's nom for governor. If he wins in November, he'll be the first openly gay governor elected in the US. A few pro-Trump Republican candidates survived GOP primary challengers. In South Carolina, that meant Gov. Henry McMaster got the nod to keep going. And in New York, that meant things weren't looking Grimm. 10-term incumbent Rep. Joe Crowley (D-NY) also had a rough night. He lost the Dem nom to progressive newbie Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D). Meanwhile, Maryland's primaries had a few hiccups. As many as 80,000 voters had to fill out provisional ballots because of a tech glitch. Which may or may not impact anything.

PS: Want to make sure you know when the key primary races are? We made you a free cal so you can keep up.

What people are keeping an eye on…

This 'stolen babies' trial. Decades ago, Spain had a dictatorship. Back then, thousands of newborns were apparently separated from their moms because these women were poor, unmarried, or against the regime. The gov, medical officials, and clergy members are all accused of making this happen. Some told the moms their babies had died – though they'd actually been passed on to wealthier or more loyal families. WTF is right. It's been hard to bring anyone to trial because of things like lack of evidence. Until now. Yesterday marked the beginning of the first trial against a doc accused of being involved. Speaking of justice abroad, Sudan. A woman there who was sentenced to death for killing her husband had her sentence reduced to five years in prison. She was forced into marriage as a teen and raped by her husband. People around the world (hi, Emma Watson) petitioned on her behalf – and now, a court said 'we hear you.'

What to say when your friends set you up…

Let's see how things go. Yesterday, a London court agreed to let Uber drive around the city...for now. The background: Uber used to have a CEO who gave, hmm let's count, zero sh*ts about what regulators thought. Last year, London didn't renew Uber's license to operate there. It called the company not "fit and proper" since it failed to do things like report drivers' crimes and do background checks. Uber's new CEO wants cities to give the co a five-star rating. And promised it would start doing things like reporting drivers' crimes to police. Now, London's saying, 'aright chap, 'ere's your ole license back.' But there's a catch: the license is up for review again next year.

What people are watching…

This cave rescue. Over the weekend in Thailand, a dozen boys and their soccer coach went to check out a cave. And have been missing ever since. Parts of the cave are flooded. And rescuers are running out of ideas for how to get them out. Families are trying to stay hopeful.

What to say when hump day feels extra long…

I blame Earth.


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