Skimm'd after meditating

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JULY 03, 2018


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Skimm'd after meditating


"He had his margarita, he had his Jacuzzi" – A bear went ahead and helped itself.


The Story

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is ready to make a deal.

What kind of deal?

The kind that will address the country's immigration policies. The EU's been facing a migrant crisis for years. Millions of people from places like the Middle East and Africa have made the trek to escape things like poverty and persecution back at home. Germany has been the hostess with the mostest for many of these people.

Is that changing?

It looks like it. Some people in Germany – like people in other countries in the EU (see: Italy) – are getting tired of hosting migrants. Last year, it voted a far-right, anti-immigration party into parliament. This is putting Merkel in a tough spot.


Because she's been all 'open borders, man.' But there are lawmakers that aren't about that life. Last month, the country's interior minister gave Merkel an ultimatum to come up with a fix. She did. But the interior minister said 'not good enough' and yesterday, he threatened to resign. Now, Merkel's caving to try and keep the peace.

What do you mean by caving?

As in say goodbye to Merkel's open-door policy. And say hello to this new agreement which holds migrants – who are registered in other EU countries – in transit centers along the border, while Germany tries to negotiate their return.

Anything else?

Speaking of countries struggling with the welcome mat, Denmark. The country's gov is introducing new laws for what it calls immigrant "ghettos" – aka low-income, mainly Muslim areas. It says families haven't integrated. So now adults there could lose welfare benefits if they don't let their kids spend 25 hours a week learning "Danish values."


Back in 2015, the migrant crisis was at an all-time high. Since then, migration rates have dropped significantly. But immigration is still one of the biggest issues facing the EU today. And is causing divisions between countries as well as within them.


What to say when you're tired of all the bad news...

Here's something to keep your spirits up. Last month, a dozen boys and their soccer coach ventured into a cave in Thailand. But because of flooding, they got stuck. For days, parents tried to stay hopeful while rescuers and divers did everything they could to try and find them. Yesterday – more than a week after they went missing – the families got some good news. Divers found them all alive. Now, rescuers are still trying to get them safely out – which could take months. So, the military is sending in food and medical supplies while officials reportedly install phone cables in the cave so the boys can speak to their parents.

What to say when you get kicked off your family plan…

Dropped. Kentucky's governor Matt Bevin (R) is canceling dental and vision benefits for nearly 500,000 Medicaid recipients. Here's why: before Bevin took office, his Dem predecessor expanded Medicaid coverage in the state. Bevin came in and said 'we can't afford this.' And proposed adding things like work requirements to save money and encourage people who can work to do it. This is a move that the Trump admin, some Republicans, and almost a dozen other states are interested in, too. But last week, a federal judge said 'bad plan,' and that the work requirements defeat the whole purpose of giving coverage to people who need it. So Bevin's trying something different and dropping dental and vision. He says, 'we had to do something – this is unsustainable.' Critics say 'oh sure, because none of us need essential health benefits, right?'

What people are talking about…

Harvey Weinstein. The disgraced Hollywood producer is facing more charges for allegedly sexually assaulting another woman back in 2006. These new charges mean he could face life in prison. Speaking of allegations, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau finally addressed allegations he groped a reporter at a music festival back in 2000. He said he did not "remember any negative interactions."

What to say when you're working the grill...

Time to flip?