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JULY 09, 2018


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"It's engagement szn and no one is safe" – A Twitter user issuing a warning about the Justin Bieber-Hailey Baldwin engagement. So, who's next?


Thailand Cave Rescue

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Yesterday, four of the 12 boys stuck in a flooded cave in Thailand were freed. And the rescue operation continues today.

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More than two weeks ago, 12 boys and their soccer coach got stuck while exploring a cave. It took days to find them. Because of difficult conditions for divers, it's been hard for rescue workers to reach them. But people from around the world stepped up to help. And successfully freed four boys yesterday. Rescuers needed at least 10 hours to prepare for their next attempt.


This has been a challenging rescue mission from the start. Last week, a diver died when he ran out of oxygen trying to get back from the cave. And it's all happening as heavy monsoon rains are threatening to make it worse.

The Next Supreme

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President Trump is planning to announce his SCOTUS nom before you go to bed tonight.

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Whoever he taps will take Justice Anthony Kennedy's seat – the court's well-known "swing vote" who let it be known last month that he's hanging up his robes. Here's who's on the shortlist to replace him: Judge Amy Coney Barrett...a social conservative who would be the most conservative woman on the bench. Judge Thomas Hardiman...who's worked with Trump's sister on a federal appeals court, and was the runner-up during the last SCOTUS running. Judge Raymond Kethledge...who many Republicans think has an easy shot at getting confirmed by the Senate. And Judge Brett Kavanaugh...who's apparently been the front-runner, but might get dropped because of his ties to the Bush family.


This is Trump's second Supreme Court nom since he's been in office. A move that's considered one of the best ways for a president to cement their legacy, since Supremes can serve for life. Trump's pick is expected to shift the bench to the right, to the right.


What to say when you have trust issues…

Hi, meet Erdogan. Yesterday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan fired more than 18,000 state employees because of alleged ties to terror groups. Back in 2016, there was an attempted military coup against the prez. Clearly that didn't work out so well. Ever since, Erdogan's been a little on edge and has fired tens of thousands of people he says have links to terror groups. Fast forward to yesterday, and the prez said 'see ya' to more than 18,000 people – including police officers, military personnel, and teachers. This all comes as he's getting ready to be sworn into office today for a second term with a looot of new power.

What to say when you're working on deadline...

Stressing. Over the weekend, the Trump admin asked a judge for more time to reunite kids separated from their families at the US-Mexico border. A judge gave the admin until the end of the month to reunite all kids. And until tomorrow to reunite those under five years old. Now the gov wants an extension on tomorrow's deadline, saying it needs more time to do things like track down parents that are no longer in custody – including some that were deported. It should get an answer today. The admin's also making news for pausing billions of dollars in Affordable Care Act payments. The ACA has a risk adjustment program, which transfers cash from plans with low-risk enrollees to those with high-risk enrollees to encourage insurers to cover everyone, not just healthy people. Earlier this year, a court ruling said 'this all make sense.' But a second court disagreed. Now, the Trump admin's siding with the second one and putting a hold on the payments. This move could be a big blow to insurers waiting for that cash money.

What people are watching...

Japan. At least 94 people are dead and 58 are still missing following historic rains in southwestern Japan. It started last week and continued over the weekend. Millions have been told to evacuate. Bridges and cars were washed away. And some homes were destroyed. Now officials are warning there could be more landslides and flooding. Japan's PM said rescue missions are a "race against time."

What to say when you hear about the latest US-North Korea drama

Ethiopia and Eritrea are putting their drama aside. The countries have had beef since the '90s when a war over the countries' shared border began. They agreed to a peace deal in 2000, but things have stayed icy ever since. Yesterday, the countries' leaders met for the first time in about two decades to hug things out.

What to say when your boss makes a tough request…

Not sure how to make that happen.