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JULY 10, 2018


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Skimm'd with Cheez-Its


"I remember I heard this screaming in the lab" – Scientists were jazzed about finding the first color pigment from over a billion years ago. In case you were's bright pink.


The Story

Meet Judge Brett Kavanaugh. President Trump's nominee to join the Supremes.

Can I see a resume, please?

Kavanaugh is a conservative judge who clerked for Justice Anthony Kennedy. He was an aide to George W. Bush. He's been a federal appeals court judge in DC since 2006. And is an originalist – meaning he thinks the Constitution should be interpreted exactly how it was written. He's known for his work with the counsel that led to President Clinton's impeachment. He's since said he has some regrets about the impeachment situation. And thinks presidents shouldn't have to face lawsuits until after they're OOO. Leaving some to wonder what would happen if any part of Mueller's investigation reached the Supremes.

How did we get here?

If you want the full history, we Skimm'd it for you. Last month, Kennedy announced he's retiring. He's been on the bench for decades and became known as the court's swing vote. His open seat leaves a crucial spot to fill on the bench.

Tell me about that.

Right now, the court leans a little to the right. But Trump's new pick would tip the bench solidly to the right. And would mean that five of the nine justices are conservative. A more conservative bench could have an effect on how issues like abortion and gay rights are ruled on in the future.

What's next?

Kavanaugh doesn't get to pick up his new robes until he gets confirmed by the Senate. Expect senators to grill him before deciding whether to give the thumbs up. Chances are it'll be a bumpy ride.


Two words: midterm elections. Both sides will be using this issue to get voters to the polls. Republicans want to get the nominee confirmed ASAP as a humblebrag before the elections. And they don't want to take any chances of Democrats winning control of Congress and blocking the vote. But Dems aren't on board with a nominee who could potentially reverse things like Roe v Wade. And it might put Dems from deep-red states between a rock and a hard place.

How are people reacting?

Most conservatives are having dreams about potential Supreme Court cases going their way. Most liberals are having nightmares about the world ending...slowly.


Get to know this man. Kavanaugh is young(ish). And since being a Supreme is a lifetime appointment, he could be making decisions that'll affect Americans for decades.


What to say when you feel like it's already a long week…

Can't be as bad as UK PM Theresa May's. Yesterday, Boris Johnson resigned as the UK's foreign secretary…less than 24 hours after David Davis resigned as Brexit secretary. Refresher: in 2016, the UK voted to Brexit (aka British exit) from the EU. Cue global market turmoil, and then PM David Cameron (who was anti-Brexit) saying 'I'm out.' Theresa May took over the job and has tried to answer Qs about what comes next. Last week, she said 'I have a plan' – which involved keeping the UK closely tied with the EU. Davis didn't like that, and resigned. Johnson followed suit. Now, it's possible Parliament might call for a no confidence vote to boot May out of her job.

What has the world's attention…

The Thailand cave rescue. Ten boys are out. Everyone's hoping divers can get the remaining two boys and their coach out by EOD.

What people are talking about…

India. Yesterday, the country's top court said the men convicted of a gang-rape and murder of a woman in New Delhi will have to face the death penalty. In 2012, six men repeatedly raped a woman on a bus. She died days later because of internal injuries. This led to protests, and outrage around the world. Six years later, laws are a little stricter, but not much has changed (see: this and this). Four of the men convicted were given death sentences, another one died by suicide in prison, and the last one got off with three years because he was under 18. Yep. Three of the convicts with death sentences filed for clemency, saying the conviction wasn't fair because of pressure from the media and the public. Now, the court's saying 'absolutely not.' The fourth convict is apparently going to file for clemency next week.

What to say when you need a new TV show…

Borat has your back.