Skimm'd with cupcakes and cocktails

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JULY 13, 2018


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Skimm'd with cupcakes and cocktails


"You'll come crawling back to books. You'll be back" - A British publisher is annoyed that people are watching the World Cup instead of buying books. Don't worry, only one game left.


The Story

Today, tens of thousands of people are expected to protest President Trump's visit to the UK.

What's going on?

Trump's been planning a UK visit for a while now. But it kept getting put off because Brits have threatened to protest it. And because the UK and the US haven't exactly been the best of friends lately.

What's the feud?

Where to start...first, Trump shared some controversial videos by a far-right British group on Twitter. Then he used the platform to repeatedly call out Prime Minister Theresa May, endorse her opponents, and critique the Mayor of London after last year's London Bridge terror attack. Oh and also the tariffs aren't helping. Neither is this new interview.


Yeah. A lot of Brits aren't happy with him. Because of that, most of the official meetings will take place outside of London. But protesters have the itinerary and still plan to show up in the tens of thousands. And there's a giant baby floating around.

Will any work get done?

We'll see. Here's what's on the agenda: a formal dinner, a military demonstration, counter-terrorism talks, and some tea-sipping with the Queen. And May's current Brexit crisis will definitely come up.


For the past century, the UK has been considered one of the US's strongest allies. But Trump and May are anything but that. Eyes are on whether Trump's first visit to the UK will help mend things. Or if the two countries are on a break.

PS: The US and the UK go waaaay back. We have an audio explainer of their special relationship in our app here.


Who people are talking about…

Emmett Till. The Justice Dept is reopening an investigation into the death of the Chicago teen. Back in 1955, Till was accused of hitting on a white woman at a Mississippi grocery story. He was later kidnapped and found dead in a nearby river. Pictures of his tortured body are considered to have been a motivating factor in the civil rights movement. And the two white suspects accused of killing him were acquitted by an all-white jury. Last year, a book came out about his death. In it, the woman who accused Till said she lied about what really happened. And now the DOJ is reopening the case because of "new information."

What to say when you hear the words "migrant crisis"…

Hello, Algeria. The country has been the go-to for thousands of migrants from sub-Saharan Africa. Think: people from places like Niger, Mali, and Guinea escaping extreme poverty or terrorism back home. Some have been using it as a stopping point to get to Europe. Last month, a report came out on how the country had been secretly deporting thousands of migrants by forcing them to walk for miles in the desert across the border – sometimes at gunpoint and sometimes to their deaths. Cue outcry. Now – under international pressure – Algeria has reportedly stopped doing that. Thanks, journalism.

What to say when you accidentally reply-all to everyone in your office...

Undo. The Justice Dept is appealing the AT&T-Time Warner merger...after the two companies already signed on the dotted line. Back in 2016, AT&T wrote a $85.4 billion check to buy Time Warner. But the DOJ sued to block the deal, saying it would hurt competition and cause prices to go up for consumers. Last month, a judge gave the companies its blessing, saying the gov didn't prove that the merger would cause anti-trust issues. The merger officially went down a few weeks ago. But now, the DOJ's saying 'not so fast' and wants a federal appeals court to take a look at all this.

What to say when your mother-in-law says there's dust in your house

It's invisible to the naked eye. Scientists say a "ghost particle" (aka a particle that's so small you can barely detect it) hit sensors in Antarctica. And that the particle is from a galaxy far, far away. About 4 billion light years away, to be exact. This is a BF-spatial-D because it's the first time scientists have been able to track down where this kind of particle came from. Somewhere, Bill Nye is opening some champagne.

What to say when you're in the middle of an intense Scrabble game…

You got nothing on me. Netflix is saying the same to HBO. For the first time in 17 years, HBO has been dethroned at the Emmy's – but still has "Game of Thrones." And Netflix is taking the crown as the platform with the most Emmy noms this year. I'd like to thank Sandra Oh. And "Atlanta," "The Crown," "Stranger Things," "GLOW,"…

What to say when you hear you Lady Gaga is getting into the beauty biz

President Trump apparently has plans for an Air Force One makeover.