Skimm'd while poppin' bottles

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JULY 16, 2018


Celebrating theSkimm's 6th Birthday

Skimm'd while poppin' bottles


"Easily one of my top three husbands" – Demi Moore roasting Bruce Willis. Yeah...he's okay.


The Story

This week on "The Bachelor": President Trump and Russian President Putin are in exotic Finland for their first one-on-one.

Why Finland?

The country's been a neutral host to a few US-Russia meetings, including one near the end of the Cold War. But some Finns are tired of the neutral host vibe and came out to protest.

Why is this meeting a big deal?

Because Russia and the West have had frosty relations for years. Things blew up in 2014 when Russia annexed Crimea. The West said 'nyet ok' and sanctioned the country. And kicked it out of international orgs like the G8 (now called the G7). Then in 2016, Russia attacked the US election – in part to help Trump win.

Is that all?

Nope. This meeting comes days after special counsel Robert Mueller – who's looking into whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia – indicted 12 Russian intelligence agents for hacking the DNC in 2016. The same group of ops that may reportedly be involved with the recent nerve agent attacks in the UK.

Got it. So what's on the agenda?

Things like Ukraine, the Syrian civil war, and nuclear arms control. Trump may or may not ask for those 12 Russian agents to be extradited. And Putin might try to get the US to acknowledge its annexation of Crimea.


Trump is throwing out the old diplomatic rule book. And leaving many Western allies on edge – especially after a tense NATO summit. This one-on-one with Putin gives Russia more legitimacy on the world stage than it's had in years. TBD what Trump gets in return.

PS: Want to know more about Putin? We go deep into his background in our app. Get it here.


What to say when your intramural team wins…

Oui are the champions. Yesterday, France's Les Bleus kicked past Croatia to become World Cup champs for the first time in 20 years. Merci, Mbappe. Pussy Riot showed up on the field to call a penalty on Russia (the host country) for its policies toward political dissent. But in case you missed the World Cup, it miiiight have been because you were watching tennis. Serbia's Novak Djokovic took the W at Wimbledon...for the fourth time. And Germany's Angelique Kerber beat out Serena Williams – who was playing for all the moms out there.

What to say when you rewatch all of the "Ocean's" movies…

Movie, meet real life. Yesterday, we got more info on what's been going on with Iran's nuclear program. Reminder: earlier this year, Israel's PM said Israeli agents broke into an Iranian warehouse and stole tens of thousands of documents. Now we're getting a sneak peek. The docs apparently show that Iran had been secretly trying to build nuclear weapons. And that it used a military base to conduct explosions tests – avoiding international inspectors. There's no proof in the docs that Iran violated the 2015 nuclear deal. But Israel said this shows that the country will likely try to revamp the program ASAP.

What people are watching…

Nicaragua. This weekend, gov-backed forces attacked a university in the country's capital. Let's back up: earlier this year, people started protesting the gov's changes to a social security program. Which turned into protests over gov repression. Hundreds of people have been killed since the start of the violence. This weekend, forces fired on students who had been protesting the gov, killing two people and injuring at least 10 others. People are calling for early elections and for the prez to step down. In other news of unpopular leaders, Haiti. This weekend, the country's prime minister resigned a week after deadly protests in the country. Here's what's going on: the gov decided to raise fuel prices by up to 51% to balance the country's budget and get some back up from the IMF. But a lot of Haitians weren't down. Now, the prez has to name a new PM – and the IMF recommends taking changes like this slow.

What to say when you drift off while your SO was talking…

I'm listening – so is Walmart. The company recently filed a patent for surveillance tech that could let it listen to customers and employees. Hello, privacy concerns. Speaking of, Microsoft wants Congress to start regulating facial recognition technology – which it thinks could get out of hand. And Uber says it's going to start doing ongoing background checks on its drivers. That way it can catch drivers who get new criminal charges. Ukay.

Who people are amazed by...

This woman.


For when you're cheersing over bday drinks…

Here's something else to celebrate. Black Friday in July – aka Amazon Prime Day – kicks off at 3pm ET and runs for 36 hours. Drinking while shopping not encouraged. Get ready to fill your cart here.*

For when you doodle during a meeting…

It's OK to be distracted. Especially if it's because you're watching the new Ariana Grande music video. Warning: there are gophers. HQ doesn't know how to feel about it either.

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