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JULY 17, 2018


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The Story

Yesterday, President Trump moonlighted as Russian President Putin's hype man.

Explain yourself.

The two met up in Finland for their first official date. They agreed that they don't like terrorism – and that they need to work together on Syria. They disagreed on things ranging from Crimea to the Iran nuclear deal. Then Trump was asked to condemn Russia for attacking the 2016 election.

How'd that go?

It didn't. Instead, he said Putin gave him a "powerful" denial that Russia was involved. And said both countries were to blame for the bad vibes.

How'd people react?

Not well. Both Republicans and Democrats called Trump out for appearing to side with Putin – a former KGB officer – over the US intelligence agencies. The reactions ranged from 'c'mon man' to 'this is basically treason.'

What was Trump's goal in all this?

To build a positive relationship with Russia. The prez said that as the world's two biggest nuclear powers, it's better to buddy up than be enemies.

So why is everyone so upset?

Because US intelligence agencies agree that Russia attacked the US election to disrupt the country's democracy. Last week, special counsel Robert Mueller indicted 12 Russian agents for their involvement. And yesterday, the DOJ charged a woman with being a Russian spy. She was allegedly trying to infiltrate the NRA. And reportedly tried to set up a meeting with Trump and Putin during the election.

Anything else?

There was winking.


This was a big win for Putin. The West has been freezing him out since Russia annexed Crimea in '14. Yesterday, Trump said 'that changes with me.'


What people are watching...

Immigration. Yesterday, a federal judge said that the Trump admin can't deport reunited families…for now. Earlier this year, the DOJ announced a "zero tolerance" policy toward people caught crossing the border illegally. It led to thousands of kids being separated from their families at the US-Mexico border. The admin says it's reunited every eligible child under five years old with their families. But the ACLU says the gov may or may not be deporting families right after they're reunited. And that parents need at least a week to decide whether to claim asylum. Now, a judge is hitting 'pause' while this gets figured out.

What to say when you hear Mexico's incoming prez is taking a pay cut...

Jeff Bezos is not. Yesterday, Amazon's stock hit an all-time high, reportedly making its founder the richest person in modern history – worth more than $150 billion. (Cries, packs lunch, cries again.) But it wasn't all champagne toasts for Bezos. Yesterday, the 'Zon's website had a little trouble handling Prime Day. And warehouse workers in Europe used the day to walk off the job to protest low pay and poor working conditions. Speaking of companies checking their stock, Netflix. Yesterday, its stock tumbled after it reported fewer subscribers and lower revenue than Wall Street expected in Q2. Are you still watching?

What to say when your friend won't listen when you tell them to put on sunscreen...

You've been warned. Yesterday, the IMF reportedly warned that the growing trade wars between the US and pretty much every other country could cost the global economy $430 billion. And that the US is "especially vulnerable." Interesting timing: the US is trying to avoid just that. And using the WTO to challenge countries that hit back at the US with tariffs. See: EU, China, Canada, Mexico, and Turkey.

PS: World organizations love a good acronym (hi, IMF and WTO). We Skimm'd them for you so you never have to pretend to know them again.

What to say when your office always feels like an icebox in the summer…

Don't complain. A recent study says that the heat can make your brain run a little slower. The study focused on college students living in dorms with and without AC. The students who had AC did better on tests than those who didn't. Permission to thank your office manager for keeping you sharp as a tack.

What to say to your friend who's not looking forward to their birthday…

At least you won't be as old as these breadcrumbs.


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