Skimm'd while putting up streamers

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JULY 19, 2018


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Skimm'd while putting up streamers


"I've said a couple of cuss words myself" – Steph Curry on his wholesome image. Whoa there, cowboy.


The Story

The crisis in Nicaragua is showing no signs of slowing down.

Remind me.

A few months ago, the gov announced it was making cuts to its social security program. People weren't happy. And took to the streets. The gov reversed the cuts but cracked down on protesters – hard. Hundreds of people have been killed in the violence. The protests have turned into calls for the prez to resign (or at least for early elections).

Yikes. What's the deal with the prez?

His name is Daniel Ortega. He was elected in '06. And his wife is VP. Romantic, except for the fact that a lot of Nicaraguans hate him. And have accused the gov of getting violent with opponents. Ortega's gov says the protesters are terrorists and attempting a coup.

So what's the latest?

This week, the country's police and gov supporters took back control of a key neighborhood for the opposition. This comes days after pro-gov forces violently attacked students in the country's capital, killing two people. Earlier this week, the gov approved a law against terrorism – which many people fear could be used against protesters.


The UN, EU, and US State Department have all called for an end to the violence. But Ortega's gov and his supporters aren't showing any signs of stopping. And the protesters aren't giving up either.


What to say when your friend posts an embarrassing pic of you from happy hour…

Take it down. Yesterday, Facebook said it's taking down any posts that could lead to violence. The Book's been in hot water for helping spread misinformation (hi, Russian bots) and posts that could incite violence – including in places like Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and India. Now Zuck is trying to nip it in the bud. The co says it's removing written posts or images considered fake news that were posted specifically to stir up violence. And will work with local orgs to figure out whether posts fall into that category.

What people are talking about…

Spain. The government is introducing a law that defines sexual consent. This comes after a group of men were accused of gang-raping a teen. Their rape charges were dropped after a judge said the teen technically consented because she was apparently silent during the attack. Cue massive protests. Now the gov's trying to do something about it. The gist of the new law is that "yes" means yes. And anything else – including silence – means no. Earlier this year, Sweden put a similar law in the books. Meanwhile, lawmakers in Israel approved a bill that defines the country as the nation-state of Jewish people. Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu is celebrating, while critics say 'hold up, what about minorities?'

What to say when no one likes your dinner recommendation…

Shot down. California's Supreme Court turned down a November ballot initiative on whether the state should stay in one piece. Earlier this year, the initiative to split CA into three states got enough signatures to qualify for the ballot. The proposal: they'd split into California, Northern California, and Southern California. Let that creativity soak in. The court's saying 'nah but see you (maybe) in 2020'.

What to say when your coworker is scared to ask your boss for a raise…

Own it. New research says straight married couples lie about how much money the lady makes if she's the breadwinner. Even though wives are making more money moves in about 25% of families in the US. And these couples bump how much the man actually makes if it's on the lower end. I'm sorry, did my fat paycheck get in the way of your ego?

What to say when you're getting a lot of heat over something you said...

I didn't mean it. No wait, I did. No wait...I didn't?

What to say when you want to road-trip with a friend…

(Kaw)hi, Canada.


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