Skimm'd while packing a beach bag

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JULY 26, 2018


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Skimm'd while packing a beach bag


"Who's the daddy?" – Savannah Guthrie reacting to news that April the Giraffe is pregnant again. That's between April and her man.


Impeachment Charges

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Yesterday, Republican lawmakers introduced articles of impeachment against Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. He's the guy overseeing special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation. The lawmakers are accusing Rosenstein of withholding documents and ignoring requests from Congress.


This was brought forward by the House Freedom Caucus – the most conservative group in the House – and it's unclear if it would get support from other Republican lawmakers. But it shows supporters of President Trump are escalating their efforts to get rid of Rosenstein.


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President Trump is making nice with the EU and agreed to work on lowering tariffs and make changes to trade barriers. Yesterday, he met with the head of the European Commission and they agreed to talk things out and hold off on more tariffs for now. And that Europe is going to buy "a lot of soybeans."


This is not an end to the trade war – Trump is still coming after China, hard – and talks with the EU could fall apart. But the administration has been getting a lot of heat that the tariffs are hurting US industries (like farming). And this is a sign things could change.

Student Loans

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Education Secretary Betsy DeVos says students who want loan forgiveness after being defrauded by for-profit schools need to show the receipts. Basically, some for-profit schools are sketchy AF (hi, ITT Technical Institute). And the Obama administration planned to help students who went to schools where they got screwed over. Now the Education Dept is changing up the rules. And is requiring more proof from future victims that schools purposely misled them in order to get loan relief.


The rules are expected to go into effect next year. Supporters say it will save taxpayers billions. Critics say it throws students under the bus and gives a pass for schools to keep on creepin' on.


What to say when you're in a rut…

You and the world's largest social network. Yesterday, Facebook's stock took a dive after the co announced disappointing Q2 earnings. Even though billions of people use the Book and its babies (hi, Insta and WhatsApp), the co didn't meet Wall Street's high revenue expectations. Womp womp. The Book's been putting fewer brands on your news feed so you could focus on friends and families. And privacy concerns (hi, Europe's new privacy laws) have also forced it to make changes it says are taking a hit at revenue. The Book's asking Wall Street to lower its expectations for the next few quarters. Not exactly what people want to hear.

What to say when you're running late for everything like always…

I'm not ready nyet. President Trump is delaying his second date with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Last week, after their first one-on-one in Helsinki and a whole bunch of backlash, Trump texted Putin 'hey, wanna come over?' And penciled in a date for DC in the fall. But earlier this week, Putin's people reportedly said 'let's take this slow.' So Trump's throwing out his pumpkin spice latte and rescheduling a date for next year. The White House is hoping the Russia investigation will be a thing of the past by then. Meanwhile, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo yesterday played bad cop in front of the Senate. And said no, Russia is not our best friend. And no, the US does not accept its annexation of Crimea. Got it.

What to say when your friend's had one too many brownies...

Do you think there's life on Mars? Who knows, but there might be water. Big deal, because water is liiiiife. (Pause for water sip.) For several years, scientists used a spacecraft near Mars to bounce radar waves into the planet to see what it's made of. Based on their findings, they said it looks like there's a lake on Mars…buried about a mile below ice. If that's true, this is the first finding of a body of water like this on Mars. Now, scientists are thirsty to find signs of life there. Good luck you guys, call me when there's an alien invasion.

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