Skimm'd with an Arnold Palmer

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AUGUST 06, 2018


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Skimm'd with an Arnold Palmer


"I will keep fighting" – Demi Lovato on her recovery.



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The Venezuelan gov says President Nicolas Maduro was targeted in an assassination attempt.

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Over the weekend, Maduro was giving a speech in the country's capital when explosions went off. The gov says they were drones armed with explosives. Local firefighters reportedly say 'not true' and that it was a gas tank explosion. Maduro wasn't hurt. But he's pointing the finger at "far right" extremists and a few the outgoing Colombian prez. Authorities are looking into it and have already detained six suspects. Earlier this year, Maduro was (suspiciously) re-elected. And many are worried he'll use this event as an excuse to crack down on the opposition.


Venezuela has been in crisis mode for a while. And more than a million people have recently fled the country because of it. Maduro has used whatever he can to consolidate power (see: this). Expect this apparent assassination attempt to make a bad situation worse.


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The Trump admin is expected to bring sanctions back on Iran today.

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Earlier this year, President Trump pulled the US out of the Iran nuclear deal. He's called it "the worst deal ever" and said it doesn't do enough to stop Iran from building a nuclear weapon. Meaning: welcome back, sanctions. Iran was pissed. And its economy is freaking out. In recent days, protests have picked up. The gov is reportedly trying to come up with a financial fix to stop its currency from tanking. And its military has been prepping for any upcoming threats.


This is the first round of sanctions the country can expect (the second round will make an appearance later this year). And it's the first sign that Trump is moving full steam ahead to keep Iran at arm's length.


What people are watching…

Indonesia's Lombok island. Yesterday, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake with strong aftershocks killed at least 91 people. Unclear how many people are missing. People in neighboring Bali also felt it. This is the second deadly quake to hit the island in the past couple weeks.

What to say when you hear the Newseum is pulling its "fake news" t-shirts

President Trump is pulling out more "fake news" criticism. Yesterday, he called the media "very dangerous & sick." And that he's "providing a great service by explaining this to the American People." If this feels like an attack on the free press, it's probably because it's an attack on the free press. Also on his sh*t list: LeBron James. The NBA star – who just opened a public, non-charter school for at-risk kids – said in an interview that Trump's trying to use sports to divide people. Trump said the interview made LeBron look smart, "which isn't easy to do." Um, ok. Meanwhile, Trump defended Donald Trump Jr.'s meeting with a Kremlin-linked lawyer at Trump Tower before the 2016 election to get dirt on an opponent. He said it was "totally legal and done all the time in politics." Fun fact: it's not.

What to say when your co-worker is stressing out…

Need help? Yesterday, Australia's gov said it's here to help farmers going through one of the worst droughts in decades. 99% of New South Wales (the most populated state in Australia) has been under a dry spell. And there's no end in sight. Now, the gov says 'we got you' and is writing a $140 million check to farmers – which will include mental health services. The country's PM says the gov understands that the dry conditions have been taking a toll on farmers. This reportedly brings the total the gov's spent on drought help to $576 million. Quite a dent.

What to say when you send a text that you immediately regret...

Recall, please.

What to say when you get your aunt to ditch her flip phone…

Getting with the times. Hi, Google Maps.