Skimm'd while watching "The Bachelorette" finale

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AUGUST 07, 2018


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Skimm'd while watching "The Bachelorette" finale


"Disoriented and dazed" – How two elderly men felt after escaping their nursing home and going to a heavy metal festival. Don't let the man get you down.


The Story

Voters in five states today are getting their 'I voted' stickers.

Break it down for me.

Kansasthis primary is all about the guvna's seat. President Trump endorsed Sec of State Kris Kobach (R) – despite reported warnings from WH aides. And Dems are hoping Kobach's far-right views could make him vulnerable in November.

Michiganthis primary also has a big gov's race. But the real talk of the town is the state's 13th Congressional District, where voters will choose a successor for Rep. John Conyers Jr (D) – who resigned last year over sexual harassment allegations.

Missouriaka one of the biggest opps for the GOP to flip a Dem Senate seat. Enter: Sen. Claire McCaskill (D) who's fighting to keep her spot on the Hill. Missouri voters will also decide on a proposal that would make it not mandatory for workers to join a union – and would ban collecting dues from non-members.

Ohionot a primary. This one's a special election to fill the House seat of Rep. Pat Tiberi (R) who retired last year. The race has been closer than expected, and has people wondering if this seat will manage to stay crimson red.

Washingtonwhere eyes are not only on who's on the ballot but how it's counted. Like California, the Evergreen State uses a top-two primary system. Meaning: all candidates – regardless of their party – are listed on the same ballot. The top two candidates with the most votes move on to the November election.


We're 91 days away from midterms. And these are some of the last primaries left before November. Today's results might help predict if Dems will bring a blue wave or if Republicans will keep the gov red.


What people are talking about…

Bangladesh. Last month, a bus there hit and killed two students. It's led to days-long protests where tens of thousands of students called on the gov to fix road safety. The protests turned violent and dozens have been injured so far. Yesterday, the country's gov followed through and came up with stricter regulations – but it's up to the parliament to see if these go forward. Also in the spotlight: Saudi Arabia. Yesterday, it gave the boot to a Canadian ambassador there. This comes after Canada criticized Saudi Arabia for arresting women's rights activists. Saudi Arabia said 'stay out of our biz' and gave the ambassador 24 hours to pack up and go home. It's also freezing all new biz deals between the two countries. Ice cold.

What to say when your friend doesn't get the hint to leave…

Time for you to go. You too, Alex Jones. Earlier this week, YouTube, Facebook, and Apple pulled content from Jones and his website Infowars from their platforms. You know Jones as that conspiracy theorist who's said things like the Sandy Hook shooting was staged and that 9/11 was an inside job. Aka the guy you don't want to bring to a dinner party. Now, these tech cos – and Spotify – are saying he violated their hate speech policies. He doesn't even get to keep his Pinterest board. Jones says this is flat-out censorship. Speaking of tech cos making bold moves, Facebook apparently wants your bank info. But don't worry, it's apparently trying to ease fears by saying it's not "actively" going after it. Still might be a good time to read that fine print.

What to say when you hear Robert Redford is retiring

He's not the only one saying 'so long, farewell.' Yesterday, PepsiCo said its CEO Indra Nooyi is singing 'ba pa pa pa bye' and stepping down later this year. She's been at the company for more than two decades and had the top job for 12 years. She's been known for helping push PepsiCo towards healthier products like hummus and kombucha. Now she's the third female Fortune 500 CEO to pack up their desk since last August. And Nooyi's exit means there apparently would only be one woman of color leading a Fortune 500 co. In other news you might see on CNBC, NASCAR's CEO is taking an "indefinite leave of absence" after he was arrested for drug possession and drunk driving.

What people are trying to contain...

The largest wildfire in California history. It's made up of two fires that are now be treating as one. There are more than a dozen major wildfires California is dealing with – including the deadly Carr Fire, which is now almost half contained.

What to say when you admit to doing something wrong…

Oh hey, Rick Gates.