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AUGUST 08, 2018


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"The damn news filmed me at the job fair" – A woman who got caught applying to a new job during her lunch break. I am...Mrs. Iglesias.


The Story

The Trump administration wants to make it harder for legal immigrants to get citizenship.

Back up.

The Trump admin has been going after immigration. The goal has always been to cut down the amount of immigrants crossing the border. See: the border wall, its "zero tolerance" policy, etc. That was mostly focused on illegal immigrants. Now the admin's turning its attention to legal immigrants.


It's got a plan: give authorities more power to turn down green card and residency visa applications for legal immigrants who've used public benefits like food stamps, Obamacare, or CHIP.

What are the rules now?

Authorities can turn down legal immigrants if they're likely to become too dependent on the gov. This new plan would change what's considered 'too' dependent.

You mentioned the "zero tolerance" policy…

Yup. Even though the admin stopped separating families, there are still hundreds of kids who haven't been reunited with their parents. That's because their parents have been deported. A federal judge says many are now at risk of being "permanently orphaned."

Anything else?

Always. Sec of Commerce Wilbur Ross may have stolen more than $120 million from associates over the years. Michael Cohen is apparently being investigated for tax fraud. And Rick Gates isn't holding anything back at Paul Manafort's trial. DC, man.


The admin has to get a final thumbs up before this becomes official. Meaning: Congress reportedly has no say in this major policy change that may affect more than 20 million immigrants.


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Setting my profile to private. Yesterday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said he's considering taking the company private. The co has been trading on the stock market since 2010. You might have heard about it burning money quickly. Earlier this month, it had a not-so-great Q2 earnings report. Now Musk is tweeting about wanting to keep things private. The announcement made the co's stock spike – which made the stock market push pause on trading Tesla's stock. TBD if shareholders will sign off on it. Or what the SEC might think about all this going down. But, a former SEC chairman is saying 'slow down, this could be shady.'

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I'm watching you. Yesterday, voters in five states hit the ballot boxes for some of the most closely watched races that could determine how things pan out in the midterms. People in Ohio's 12th Congressional District went in for a special election to replace Rep. Pat Tiberi (R) – who announced his retirement last year. And it's very, very close. As in too close to call. If the vote difference between the two candidates is 0.5% or less, it'll go to a recount. As of now, Troy Balderson (R) is in the lead by thiiiiis much. If he winds up winning, don't feel too bad for his opponent Danny O'Connor (D) – he gets a rematch in November. Another close race, the Republican primary for governor in Kansas, where candidates are still waiting for results.

PS: Midterms are 90 days away. Get ready.

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