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AUGUST 09, 2018


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"I got fired" – A British Airways employee says he got fired for having a man bun. Don't hate the player, hate the mane.



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The US has some new sanctions for Russia. This is in response to a Russian ex-spy and his daughter being poisoned by a nerve agent in the UK. Russia said 'wasn't us.' Everyone else called bullsh*t. Multiple countries responded by sending some Russian diplomats back to the Motherland. Now, the US is taking it one step further. And putting sanctions on the country later this month for violating international law.


President Trump has had a hard time calling Russia out for its tactics around the world (see: this). And a top House Republican called him out for not sanctioning Russia over the poisoning. This move is seen as a step in the right direction.


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The US-China trade war is full steam ahead. President Trump thinks China has been very unfair when it comes to trade. And set out to make a change. Enter: tariffs (aka taxes charged on foreign imports). The US had put tariffs on $34 billion worth of Chinese goods. China said 'we see your tariffs and raise you the same.' Now, round two. The countries are adding another $16 billion worth of tariffs on each other...bringing the cash money total to $50 billion.


The Trump admin was hoping tariffs would pressure China to change its trade practices. So far, no dice. Instead, many US industries are feeling the heat and saying 'well, this really sucks.'

Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia and Canada are in the middle of a diplomatic fight that doesn't look like it's slowing down any time soon. Reminder: Earlier this week, Canada criticized Saudi Arabia for arresting women's rights activists. Saudi Arabia responded saying 'back the maple leaf off.' And made some bold moves against the country: it kicked out a Canadian ambassador. Paused all new trade with the country. Told Saudi Arabian students in Canada to leave. And is canceling all direct flights to Toronto.


Things have gotten very heated very fast. Saudi Arabia is demanding that Canada get out of its business. But Canadian PM Justin Trudeau made it clear his country won't apologize for standing up for human rights. Ok Justin, we see you.


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Argentina. Today, the country's Senate voted against legalizing abortion in the first 14 weeks. Argentina is a heavily Catholic country. And for almost a century, the law has said a woman can only get an abortion if she's raped or her life is in danger. Back in the '70s and '80s, the country was under a dictatorship that killed thousands of people. Pregnant women were kept alive until they gave birth. Then their kids were given to military families, and the moms were killed. So the issue of a woman's right over her body is big there. Supporters argued that thousands of women have died from getting illegal abortions, and that it's time for a change. Opponents said abortion should remain illegal since life begins at conception. Abortion is very limited or banned in most of Latin America, so the international community was watching this vote to see how it might impact the rest of the region. Now, activists say they're going to keep fighting to change Argentina's law.

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Pump the brakes. Yesterday, NYC approved legislation to temporarily stop giving licenses to ride-hailing cars like Uber and Lyft. This comes as these cars have been outnumbering taxis in cities around the country by…a lot. Some say ride-sharing cars add more congestion to cities, while others say they make it a lot easier for people to get around. Now NYC is set to become the first major US city to cap the number of these cars. It'll stop giving licenses for a year, and is planning to use the time to study the industry and regulations around it. The legislation now heads to the mayor's desk – and he's expected to give it the thumbs up.

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Time for a change. Yesterday, the Academy announced new changes to the Oscars. It's getting a new category: outstanding achievement in popular film. (Oh hey, "Black Panther.") And promises to keep the ceremony short. As in three hours. Not everyone's happy with the changes. But the Academy is sticking to its goal to 'Make Ratings Great Again.' In other news about new game plans, the NCAA. Last year, the FBI opened an investigation into the NCAA's college basketball recruiting practices. And found a lot of red flags. Now the NCAA's saying 'we'll do better, we promise.' Its new rules give players more flexibility by letting them go back to school if they don't get drafted. And letting them work with NCAA-approved agents. About time.

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That probably still won't help Rep. Chris Collins (R-NY).

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