Skimm'd after a Teyana Taylor concert

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AUGUST 14, 2018


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Skimm'd after a Teyana Taylor concert


"It's horrible" – Paris has installed some public urinals. People aren't exactly louvre-ing it.


The Story

Turkey's currency is in crisis mode.


For months, the lira's been falling against the dollar and inflation's been rising. People are worried Turkish companies and banks might not be able to pay back their debt. Meanwhile, President Erdogan calls interest rates "the mother and father of all evil" – so he's refused to use Econ 101 and raise them to get inflation in check. And the rise in US interest rates – plus tensions between the US and Turkey – aren't helping.

Tell me about that.

The two are basically in a standoff. This month, the US announced it was hitting Turkey with sanctions and extra tariffs – in part because the country refuses to release an American pastor kept on charges the US calls bogus. Today, Erdogan said Turkey will boycott US-made electronics. None of this is helping the Turkish currency: the lira's lost a third of its value in the past week. And yesterday, it hit a record low. Stock markets around the world are feeling the heat.

Is this the part where a bailout happens?

First Erdogan would have to suck it up and ask for help – which he doesn't seem ready to do. But even if he was ready to sit down and be humble, it's unclear if anyone's down to give Turkey an assist. The debt is coming from Turkish private companies, so orgs like the IMF may not help out. And Turkey isn't part of the EU – so it can't expect the kind of help Greece got.

So what's next?

Erdogan could try to make some smart money moves. Or if this crisis keeps going, Turkey could be headed for a painful recession.


Turkey doesn't exist in a vacuum. Foreign investors are getting reeeeally nervous. And the crisis has people worried that other developing markets – like Argentina and South Africa – are next.


What to say when everyone has a different opinion about dinner plans…

Let's vote on it. Today, voters in four states are getting their vote on. In Minnesota, keep an eye on both Senate races – including one for the chance to replace former Sen. Al Franken (D) who resigned after sexual misconduct allegations. Meanwhile, Rep. Keith Ellison (D) – who's running for the state's AG – has some accusations to deal with, too. In Wisconsin, you won't see House Speaker Paul Ryan's (R) name on the ballot – and Dems are hoping they can use this opportunity to turn his seat blue. In Vermont, eyes are on the governor's race. On the ballot: a 14-year-old (casual). And a woman who could become the first openly transgender governor in the country.

PS: Midterms are only 84 days away. Make sure you're ready.

What people are talking about...

London. Today, a car crashed into security barriers outside the country's parliament, injuring a number of people. The driver was arrested on suspicion of terrorism. There have been a number of terror attacks using vehicles, so this latest incident has people on edge.

What to say when you and your SO split the chores evenly…

All about equality. Tunisia's president is too. Inheritance equality, that is. Yesterday was Tunisia's women's day (yay, a whole day for women). And the country's prez said he wants to give women equal inheritance rights. The North African country is considered more female-friendly than some of its neighbors. Last year, it let Muslim women marry non-Muslim men. So, progress. The country's system is based on Islamic law. And the way it currently handles inheritances is for men to typically inherit twice as much as women. Now, Tunisia's prez is trying to change it up. But thousands of Tunisians aren't on board because they think it undermines Islam. Once the prez submits the bill to parliament, it's up to lawmakers to give it the thumbs up or down.

What to say when your noisy neighbor moves out…

Bye bye bye. Yesterday, it came out that FBI agent Peter Strzok got fired. If his name looks familiar, it's prob because you've seen it on President Trump's Twitter feed. Strzok got kicked off special counsel Robert Mueller's Trump-Russia investigation for sending anti-Trump texts. He also helped lead the investigation into Hillary Clinton's email server. Many people called for him to go, saying his political affiliation could have affected these major investigations. Earlier this year, a Justice Dept report was critical of his actions but didn't find evidence that it had affected the Clinton probe. And the dept is still looking into his impact on the Trump-Russia probe. Initially, Strzok was expected to be suspended for 60 days – instead, he got the boot. Also on Trump's mind: cash money. Yesterday, the prez signed a $716 billion defense bill. Because, 'Murica.

What to say after trying VR glasses for the first time…

The future is here. The TSA is reportedly trying 3D imaging at some airports. The new tech is apparently being tested at more than a dozen airports around the country. And lets you keep your electronics and liquids in your bag. The goal: speed up the security process and cut down the number of extra bag inspections. Because no one wants to be the person holding up the security line.

What to say when you feel like a stranger is following you…

Ok Google, you can stop now.

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