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AUGUST 28, 2018


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"I feel underdressed in jeans and a polo shirt" – Kids are hiring personal stylists for back-to-school shopping. And we thought millennials were ruining everything.


The Story

The US and Mexico are saying 'let's be trade friends again.'


President Trump made a campaign promise to help US businesses and bring jobs back to US workers. He's been going about it by putting steel and aluminum tariffs on countries. And renegotiating NAFTA the North American Free Trade Agreement. It's been a thing between the US, Mexico, and Canada since the '90s. It created the world's largest free-trade zone and does things like scrap most tariffs between the three countries. Trump has called it the "single worst trade deal" and says it's to blame for Americans losing jobs. He's also threatened to pull the US out of it. Now, he's saying 'turn my mic on, I've got an update.'

I'm listening…

Yesterday, the US and Mexico said they've come up with a tentative deal. One big update aims to boost US car manufacturing. But don't call it NAFTA. It's now the US-Mexico Trade Agreement. Which doesn't really have the same ring to it, but who asked us.

Where's Canada in all this?

TBD. It's getting in on the negotiations this week. But says it'll only sign a new agreement "that is good for Canada." Trump has threatened to hit the northern neighbor with more tariffs if it doesn't cooperate.

What are people saying?

Some say it's a step in the right direction in protecting US interests. Others say Canada is crucial in keeping free trade flowing in the area. Car manufacturers are saying 'let's make sure we can find a balance between high production and affordable cars.' Wall Street is saying 'seems like progress, we'll take it.'

So what's next?

Mexico very much wants Canada on board. So here's what could happen. One: Canada signs on and the deal would likely be a go. Two: Canada says 'nope, we're good' and this new deal could crumble.

Who's the loser in all this?



After about a year of negotiating, the Trump admin is claiming this as a big win. But the deal is far from a sure thing. And even once it is, Congress has to sign off on it.


What people are talking about…

Myanmar. Yesterday, UN investigators said that Myanmar military leaders should be prosecuted for war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide against Rohingya Muslims. The Rohingya are a Muslim minority group in the mostly-Buddhist country that's been discriminated against for years. Last year, Rohingya insurgents attacked Myanmar security forces. Myanmar's military responded by systematically burning villages, and killing and raping thousands of people. UN investigators have been looking into the violence for more than a year, including interviewing 875 victims and eyewitnesses. Now, they say that even an estimate of 10,000 Rohingya killed is "conservative." And are calling for the International Criminal Court to investigate Myanmar's top military leaders. In response, Facebook removed accounts and pages associated with the Myanmar military.

What to say when you're ready for a job change…

Time to write a resignation letter. Yesterday, the top gov student loan watchdog wrote his. Seth Frotman oversaw the office at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that's in charge of reviewing student loan complaints. Recently, the Trump admin has been working to change things up – like potentially making it easier for for-profit colleges to enroll students who can't afford to pay back their loans. Now, Frotman's resigning and saying that leadership at the CFPB has "turned its back on young people and their financial futures." And that leadership is covering up for some of the country's big banks. The CFPB said 'no comment.'

What to say when you and a friend both need to buy a wedding gift…

Let's team up. Toyota is investing $500 million in Uber as part of a deal to team up to make self-driving cars. Uber's had a tough time with its self-driving cars (see: this and this), but is apparently looking to get back on the road. As part of the deal, Toyota will put Uber's self-driving tech in some of its cars. In other biz news you'll be hearing about, CBS. Yesterday, the media co was hit with a lawsuit from a shareholder. Earlier this year, six women accused CEO and Chairman Leslie Moonves of sexual misconduct. This lawsuit claims CBS misled shareholders and didn't give all the deets about the allegations. CBS says 'we've got nothing to say.'

What to say when your friend wants to go on a last-minute road trip...

To the drawing board. Yesterday, a panel of judges said North Carolina's congressional districts were unconstitutionally gerrymandered to favor Republicans over Democrats. Partisan gerrymandering is when lawmakers redraw electoral maps to benefit their party. You've been hearing about this a lot heading into the midterm elections in November. Judges in North Carolina had previously said 'this is def gerrymandered.' Earlier this year, the Supremes threw out that ruling. Now, federal judges are saying 'yep, still gerrymandered.' And said the state may need new districts before the midterms. Next: both sides in the case have to submit recs for how to move forward.

PS: Midterms are coming. In 70 days. Are you ready?

What to say when you hear Simona Halep is having a bad week...

Odell Beckham Jr is not.

What to say to your co-worker headed to France...

Beware of this horny dolphin. Really.