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AUGUST 30, 2018


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"Goats like it when you smile at them" – A real headline. And the only time we like being told to 'smile.'


The Story

The UN has some thoughts on what's been going on in Nicaragua. Spoiler: it's not good.

Remind me.

For months, Nicaragua has been in crisis mode. Earlier this year, the gov said it was making some big cuts to social security benefits. People said 'eff that' and protested. It worked – President Daniel Ortega scrapped the plan. But the gov cracked down hard on the opposition, with some help from police and armed pro-gov forces. Hundreds have been killed, thousands have fled, and people have been calling on the prez to step down.


Yup. Now the UN's calling the gov out. Yesterday, it released a new report that puts the blame on Ortega's government, and says it need to quit the repression and persecution of protesters. That it's created an environment where no one has the right to freedom of expression. And that anyone who does protest is at risk of losing their job, getting arrested, or being killed. It says this has led to around 300 deaths and 2,000 injuries in a four-month period.

What's the Nicaraguan gov saying?

'This is BS.' It apparently says that the UN report is "slanted, prejudiced and notoriously biased." That the opposition is to blame for all the violence. It also reportedly said that people should be happy that protests have calmed down, so everyone can just chill out already.


Nicaragua is on a slippery slope to becoming the next country with a gov that uses violence to repress its Venezuela. Now, the UN is calling on the international community to take "concrete action" to help stop that from happening.


What to say when co-workers start arguing during a meeting…

Where's the exit? Yesterday, President Trump said White House counsel Don McGahn will be packing up his desk in the fall. McGahn is an election lawyer who had previously worked as general counsel for the Trump campaign. And was considered one of Trump's few senior advisers that wasn't a 'yes man.' But earlier this year, McGahn had mentioned he was looking to make an exit. Then earlier this month, it came out that McGahn was a key witness for special counsel Robert Mueller and his team. Trump gave McGahn his blessing to talk to Mueller's team…but chances are he didn't know how much talking McGahn would be doing. 30 hours, to be exact. Yesterday, Trump tweeted an early goodbye – apparently without giving McGahn a heads up first. He's expected to stay through the end of Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation process – a candidate he helped select as Supreme Court nominee. Then he'll start browsing 'best vacation spots for fall.'

What to say when you pick up the bar tab…

Keep your cash. California is saying 'same.' Earlier this week, the Golden State became the first state to end cash bail. For a long time, critics have said that the bail system gives people that have money an advantage. With the new law, those who are arrested or charged with a crime won't need cash money to get released. Local courts will decide who to keep in custody while they wait for trial based on things like whether they'll miss court hearings or pose a risk to the public. But some critics (like the ACLU) say all this isn't enough and that it doesn't address racial bias in letting courts decide who should be released. The new law goes into effect next October.

What to say when your new SO asks to meet your family…

Back up for a sec. Yesterday, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced he's backtracking on the gov's plan to raise the retirement age. Earlier this year, the gov announced that the retirement age for men would go from 60 to 65, and from 55 to 63 for women. It was supposed to give the pension system money for the future. But people weren't happy and protested across the country. This all led to Putin's approval ratings dropping to the lowest level in years. Now, in a rare move, Putin said 'da, I hear ya.' So ladies get to retire when they're 60, while men will still have to hold off for another five years til they're 65.

What to say when you hear people in the US are happy with their jobs

Probably not as happy as Aaron Rodgers is with his though.

What to say to your friend going through a breakup…

Let's get you on a plane going anywhere.