Skimm'd while making sure everyone we know is registered to vote. Are you?

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SEPTEMBER 07, 2018


Make No Excuses

Skimm'd while making sure everyone we know is registered to vote. Are you?


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The Story

Yesterday, the Trump admin proposed new rules to detain migrant families. Indefinitely.

Back up.

Earlier this year, the Trump admin announced a "zero tolerance" policy on illegal immigration. Every adult caught crossing the border illegally was detained, including those who claimed asylum. But a rule from the '90s – known as the Flores agreement – said kids can't stay in detention centers for more than 20 days.

Tell me more.

Because of that rule, past admins have typically detained families together (Obama admin) or made exceptions for adults traveling with kids (Bush admin). The Trump admin said 'we have a different idea.' In April, they started separating more than 2,500 kids from their parents, many for weeks or months. There was serious pushback...from both sides of the aisle. Then the admin backed off.

So what's this new proposal?

Scrap that 20-day rule – and detain families together for as long as their court process takes. The admin says this will stop incentivizing families to cross the border illegally. Critics say 'detention is bad for kids, period.'


The new rules go into effect 60 days from now, after a public comment period. But this approach is expected to be challenged in the courts, like it was under the Obama admin. It could make its way up to the Supremes.

PS: Immigration is one of the issues voters say they care most about this election season. Make sure you're read up on all the important issues before you head to the polls. No Excuses.


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Drama, drama, drama. Yesterday was day three of Judge Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation hearings. Dems on the Senate Judiciary Committee released some docs that were previously "committee confidential" about Kavanaugh's time in the Bush 43 admin. One of them called into question whether he considers Roe v Wade to be set in stone. (Answer still unclear.) Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) said the public should have access to even more docs and had his team release them, breaking a few Senate rules in the process. Capitol Hill wasn't the only place with drama in DC yesterday. Members of the Trump admin – including VP Mike Pence and Sec of State Mike Pompeo – pulled a Shaggy and said 'it wasn't me' behind that anonymous NYT op-ed.

What people are still talking about…

The Catholic Church. Yesterday, New York's attorney general issued subpoenas to every Catholic diocese in the state. You know the Catholic Church has been having a major sexual abuse problem. Last month, a Pennsylvania grand jury found that more than 300 priests there abused children for decades – and the the church helped cover this up. Now New York joins a handful of states saying 'we're gonna look into this, too.' Yesterday, the NY attorney general dropped subpoenas on all eight Catholic branches in the state. And New Jersey announced it's creating its own task force to look into this issue. Meanwhile, the pope is still silent on accusations that he personally helped cover up abuse.

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Wannacry. Yesterday, the Justice Dept announced it charged a North Korean hacker for the 2014 Sony hack (the one that exposed a lot of embarrassing emails) and the 2017 Wannacry virus (the one that messed with computers worldwide). The dept charged him earlier this year – but just announced the big news. It says he's a computer programmer part of a hacking org sponsored by the North Korean gov. And it's the first time the dept has charged a hacker from the country. The downside: he's in North Korea and probably won't face the charges.

Who people are remembering…

Burt Reynolds. Yesterday, the famous actor died at age 82. He made a name for himself in the '70s, playing everything from a heartthrob to a tough guy. You know him for movies like "Boogie Nights" and "Smokey and the Bandit," that centerfold, and his mustache. For years, he was Hollywood's top-grossing star. And appeared in more than 100 movies and TV shows. He died from cardiac arrest. RIP.

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