Skimm'd in the rain

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SEPTEMBER 10, 2018


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Skimm'd in the rain


"I like to be naked" - One person's reason for attending the Philly Naked Bike Ride. Sounds about right.



The Story

Yesterday, Swedes went to the polls to vote in their general election. Turns out, voters are split. The two main parties on the left and right are tied. Partially thanks to the fact that a far-right, neo-Nazi, anti-immigrant party got around 17% of the vote. That's a lot more than the party got last election. Supporters are pumped. Critics say this is a step backwards for Sweden. Meanwhile, the main parties have to hash out how to form a government since neither got a majority of the vote. Both say they won't work with the far-right group.


Sweden has long been one of the most progressive countries in the world. But some of its citizens aren't happy with its open-door immigration policy. Now it's joining a growing list of European countries whose governments are following a nationalist path.


The Story

Over the weekend, a report came out that hundreds of thousands of Chinese Muslims have been detained in China. The Uighurs are a minority group in China of mostly Sunni Muslims. Over the last decade, they've reportedly committed multiple anti-gov attacks. So the Chinese gov is cracking down hard. Last month, the UN said that at least one million Uighurs have been detained. It's reported that the Chinese gov is holding them in secretive "re-education camps" for weeks or months to try to get them to kick their devotion to Islam to the curb.


The Chinese gov has denied all of this and called out "anti-China forces" for the accusations. But the international community isn't buying it. And some US lawmakers are calling for sanctions to punish the country for repressing its citizens.


The Story

Over the weekend, an Egyptian court sentenced 75 people to death and 47 to life in prison after a mass trial. The trial was about a 2013 protest in support of the former Egyptian prez. Many of the protesters were part of the Muslim Brotherhood – the oldest political Islamist group in the Arab world that's since been banned from the country. Hundreds were killed at the protest after clashes with gov forces. And more than 700 people were arrested and put on trial. All of the sentences can be appealed. But that hasn't stopped human rights groups from calling the trial a "grotesque parody of justice."


This trial is considered a sign that Egypt is far past the days of the Arab Spring and hopes of political freedom. And proof that the current gov is very willing to crack down on its opposition.


What to say when you hear Jack Ma is singing 'bye bye bye' to Alibaba

Les Moonves is packing up his desk too. Yesterday, CBS said its CEO and chairman is resigning. Earlier this year, six women came forward accusing him of sexual misconduct. He admitted that he might have made women feel "uncomfortable by making advances" but said he didn't abuse his position in power. Last week, it came out that Moonves and the co were apparently chit-chatting about his exit. Then yesterday, six more women came forward with allegations against him. Now, Moonves is heading out the door. He and CBS will write a $20 million check to organizations that support the #MeToo movement and women's equality.

Who people are talking about...

Serena Williams. Over the weekend, Williams' US Open final got heated. During the game against Naomi Osaka, Williams got three violations. The first: a warning after her coach made hand signals from the stands. The second: a code violation for slamming her racket. And the third: for "verbal abuse" against the umpire. This cost Williams the game – plus a $17,000 fine – and gave the win to Osaka. She became the first person from Japan to win a Grand Slam. Williams said the umpire made a sexist call with the last violation, and that men have said worse things but never been penalized. Speaking of men, Novak Djokovic snagged his third US Open win after beating Juan Martin del Potro in last night's final.

What to say when your uncle starts talking about politics…

Staying out of this one. Over the weekend, it came out that the US gov was in talks with Venezuelan military officers planning to overthrow President Nicolas Maduro. Venezuela's economy has been a mess for years – and things like unaffordable food and medicine have led to protests and unrest. Maduro hasn't been one to play nice with people that oppose him. Now we're finding out the US engaged in talks with the opposition. The US has been called out in the past for getting involved in Latin American politics. But it looks like it's staying out of this one for now. Some worry that Maduro may use this to create an even firmer grip on power.

Who people are remembering…

Mac Miller. Last week, the Pittsburgh rapper and producer died at 26 years old from an apparent overdose. Miller (real name Malcolm McCormick) dropped his first album when he was 19 and was known for his experimental style of music. He was set to go on tour next month for his recent album "Swimming." Miller was honest about his struggle with substance abuse, opening up about it both in his music and in a recent profile. His fans, fellow musicians, and ex-girlfriend Ariana Grande have all posted tributes. RIP.

What to say after a long shower...

So fresh and so clean, clean. This 24-year-old is trying to make the oceans the same. His invention went live this weekend – a 2,000-foot-long cleaning system that could pick up tons of plastic in one year alone. But not all scientists are convinced it'll work. Stay tuned.