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SEPTEMBER 12, 2018




"Hi, this is a mass email to all Nicoles" – One guy emailed every Nicole at his school trying to find a girl he met at a bar. Will the real Nicole please stand up?



The Story

Today, the EU is voting on what to do about Hungary.


Over the years, Hungary hasn't been welcoming to migrants. Think: making it illegal to help out undocumented immigrants and proposing that the constitution should say that an "alien population" can't settle there. It's also being called out for things like corruption and putting pressure on the courts.

What's going on now?

The EU is voting on whether to punish Hungary for betraying EU values. If approved, the bloc could impose sanctions like taking away its EU voting rights. Hungary's PM says his country will not be blackmailed and promises to defend his policies.


There needs to be a two-thirds majority to get this process started. But for sanctions, the EU would need all member countries on board. And with a number of European govs turning to far-right nationalism, Hungary may have a few allies on its side.

The Internet

The Story

The EU has some digital issues to deal with.

Like what?

Today, the European Parliament is voting on whether to update a copyright bill. The changes would make it so platforms like Facebook and Google would have to pay artists and media cos whenever their links are uploaded. And be required to check every upload for copyright infringement. Earlier this year, EU politicians said 'nope' to all this, but members of parliament are bringing it back for round two. Supporters say this would help artists and the music industry. Critics say this would hurt online platforms that carry user-generated content (say byeee to remixes, fan videos, and memes).

What else?

The EU's top court is hearing about the "right to be forgotten" – or when you can ask companies to remove certain personal info from their search engine. The court is debating whether to expand the right to countries outside of Europe. But Google's not a fan and arguing 'what happens in Europe, should stay in Europe.'


Both of these cases will take a couple rounds to get ironed out. But the EU has become a major player when it comes to your rights on the internet. See: GDPR.


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Doing it my way. Yesterday, the EPA released a proposal to roll back Obama-era rules on methane emissions. Methane: a greenhouse gas that's a big contributor to climate change. The Obama admin implemented a number of rules to help slow down climate change, but the Trump admin has decided to make some of them more lax. This change gives oil and gas companies more time to inspect and fix methane leaks – meaning more time for methane to get in the air. Critics say it's bad news for the environment. Supporters say it stops the gov from overstepping on regulation. But the EPA admitted that the rollback might "degrade air quality and adversely affect health." So that sounds great. This all comes a day after the UN said that climate change is a "direct existential threat."

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Let me be free. Yesterday, about one million Catalans protested for independence from Spain. Catalonia's the semi-autonomous region that includes Barcelona. For years, separatists there have been trying to be Miss Independent from Spain. Last year, they voted to break up with the country. But the Spanish gov said 'nope, this is very illegal.' It took back control of the region, fired Catalonia's government, and arrested former leaders. Now, Catalans are back on their mission to go their own way. And more protests are expected as it gets closer to the one-year anniversary of the referendum next month.

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Feels like a step back. Yesterday, Romania's parliament moved towards making it harder to legalize same-sex marriage. Romania's one of the few countries in Europe that doesn't recognize gay marriage or have protections for gay couples. Millions of Romanians have even signed a petition calling for the constitution to explicitly say that marriage is only between a man and a woman. Now, the gov's saying 'works for us.' But the country will hold a referendum on the issue later this year before it can become official. In other news about countries making you do a double take, Tanzania. The president there recently said that women should stop taking birth control. And that those who do it are just being lazy because they don't want to work and provide for a big family. In case you wanted his opinion.

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