Skimm'd while pumping ourselves up with Issa Rae

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SEPTEMBER 13, 2018


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Skimm'd while pumping ourselves up with Issa Rae


"Keep on crushing it" – How Sec of State Mike Pompeo apparently signed off on a staff email. He's not like a regular diplomat, he's a cool diplomat.


The Story

The FDA says way too many teens are smoking e-cigarettes.


For years, the FDA has been trying to get people to quit cigarettes. It's illegal for people under 18 to buy them. But teens have found a new option.

I'm listening...

Enter: e-cigarettes – the new, sleeker, sometimes flavored version of smoking. Sales for e-cigs have jumped in the past year, with more than two million teens reportedly using them last year. The FDA thinks it's because of popular companies like Juul, whose products look like USB drives (aka can easily be hidden from teachers and parents). And says that e-cig use has reached "an epidemic proportion."

That can't be good.

Nope. Officials are worried about the potential health impacts on developing brains. See: the fact that some e-cigs could have as much addictive nicotine as a pack of cigarettes.

So what's the FDA doing about it?

It's giving e-cig companies 60 days to get their sh*t together and come up with a plan to stop teens from buying their products. Otherwise, the FDA says it could pull co's flavored products. It also fined more than 100 stores for illegally selling e-cigs to minors. And sent warning letters to more than 1,100 others.


Nicotine addiction for teens can be even more detrimental than it is for adults. So the FDA is getting involved and calling this its largest coordinated crackdown ever.


What to say when there's a company-wide meeting…

Who's in trouble? Yesterday, the Vatican announced that it's meeting up with more than 100 bishops next year to talk about sexual abuse. ICYMI, the Catholic Church has a sexual abuse problem. Yesterday, a leaked German report – set to be released later this month – found more than 3,700 cases of child sex abuse from more than 1,600 clergy members. Now, for the first time, the pope's calling a meeting to address this crisis. Speaking of institutions with sexual misconduct issues, CBS. "60 Minutes" Executive Producer Jeff Fager was fired yesterday, after allegations that he inappropriately touched people and enabled a culture of harassment. Fager apparently wasn't fired for the allegations – but for texting a CBS reporter and telling her to "be fair" about coverage of him. This comes after #MeToo exits from CBS CEO Les Moonves and anchor Charlie Rose. Speaking of getting fed up with harassment, McDonald's workers. Employees are reportedly staging a walkout next week to protest sexual harassment in the workplace. Organizers are calling it the US's first multi-state strike against sexual harassment.

What to say when your in-law interferes in your business…

Sanctions? Yesterday, President Trump signed an executive order that allows the State and Treasury Depts to sanction foreigners who interfere in US elections. No specific country was called out (cough, Russia, cough). But it applies to anyone who messes with campaign infrastructure or spreads misinformation. In other Trump admin news, immigration. Yesterday, a report found that there are 12,800 migrant children in federal custody – the highest level, ever. The rise is apparently not because more kids are crossing the border than usual – but because undocumented relatives are increasingly afraid to come forward and sponsor the kids, many who entered the country alone.

What to say when you buy some of that new, new…

Check out my toys. Yesterday, Apple unveiled its new iPhone XS Max, which has the biggest screen to date, a longer battery life, and can handle things like being dropped in water or beer. There's still no AirPower. But there's a smaller iPhone XS, a cheaper iPhone XR, and an Apple Watch that's all-in on health. Blessed be The Fruit.

What people are watching…

Hurricane Florence. Make sure you're prepared.

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