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SEPTEMBER 17, 2018


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Skimm'd at Target


"Sleep" – Rihanna's advice for her younger self. Guess she needs a break from all that work, work, work, work, work, work.



The Story

Florence was downgraded from a hurricane to a tropical depression. But it's still very much a problem.

What's going on?

On Friday, Florence made landfall as a Category 1 hurricane in the southeastern US. More than 30 inches of rain fell in parts of North Carolina. At least 18 people have died in storm-related incidents. Hundreds have been rescued from flooded areas. Thousands are in shelters. And hundreds of thousands across North and South Carolina lost power. Yesterday, the storm became a tropical depression (meaning wind speeds have slowed down a bit). But river water is still rising. One city's roads were cut off. And landslides are possible.


This storm is far from over. Ongoing rain and rising flood waters mean that conditions could get much worse over the next few days.

PS: If you want to help out, here are some ideas.


The Story

Southeast Asia is dealing with a deadly typhoon.

What's going on?

Over the weekend, Typhoon Mangkhut hit the Philippines. It led to major flooding and landslides, and killed at least 64 people. Dozens more are thought to still be buried under debris. Yesterday, the storm – which had 100 mph winds – made its way up to Hong Kong and mainland China. In Hong Kong, more than 100 people were injured and the airport canceled hundreds of flights. In mainland China, at least four people have been killed and millions have been forced to leave home.

What's the difference between a typhoon and hurricane?

Where they're located. Typhoons are in the northwest Pacific, and hurricanes are in the Atlantic and northeast Pacific.


Typhoon Mangkhut is the world's most powerful storm this year.

PS: If you want to help out, here are some ideas.


Who people are talking about…

Christine Blasey Ford. Yesterday, the college professor came forward to publicly accuse SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her at a party in the '80s, when the two were teens. Ford says she reached out to Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) back in July with her allegation, and asked to remain anonymous. Feinstein didn't publicly say anything about it until last week (after Kavanaugh's confirmation hearings) after a report came out about it. Now Ford is choosing to tell her story. Kavanaugh has "categorically and unequivocally" denied the allegation. Dems are calling for a vote on Kavanaugh to be delayed. One GOP senator wants to hear from Ford before he votes. TBD what happens next. In other names making headlines, Soon-Yi Previn. Yesterday, Woody Allen's wife came to the defense of the filmmaker and alleged child molester in a rare interview with New York magazine. In the interview, Previn accused her adoptive mother – Mia Farrow – of abuse. The piece was written by a longtime friend of Allen's and is being called out by family members as "one-sided" and a "hit job."

What not to say during your performance review…

Can I bribe you not to criticize me? A report found that some Amazon employees in the US and China have been accepting bribes from sellers to do things like delete negative reviews. Employees can reportedly make bank if they delete bad reviews for a seller or give up those reviewers' email addresses. This practice is apparently especially popular in China, where some Amazon employees receive low pay. Amazon says it has "zero tolerance for abuse" and is looking into it.

What to say when the burger's getting crispy…

Ready to flip this thing like it's Paul Manafort. On Friday, President Trump's former campaign chairman did a 180 and took a plea deal. He is now officially cooperating with the special counsel's Trump-Russia investigation. Last month, Manafort was convicted on charges related to things like avoiding taxes. At the time, President Trump called him "a brave man" for not cutting a deal with prosecutors. But Manafort still had more charges to face, and now he's flipping in exchange for a possible reduced sentence. It's unclear what this means for the investigation.

What to say when you're waiting on a text from that special someone…



Eliud Kipchoge

The Kenyan who just broke the marathon world record by over a minute in yesterday's Berlin Marathon. Das fast.


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