Skimm'd while starting every convo with "but did you register to vote yet?"

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SEPTEMBER 25, 2018


Make No Excuses

Skimm'd while starting every convo with "but did you register to vote yet?"


"This really is his idea of a candy store" – The owner of a typewriter store says Tom Hanks is a frequent and happy visitor. Typewriters are like a box of chocolates.


Rod Rosenstein

The Story

Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein might be updating his LinkedIn this week.

Tell me more.

Last week, it came out that Rosenstein talked about secretly recording President Trump and working with cabinet members to invoke the 25th Amendment. Cue: workers everywhere wondering if what's said in Slack actually stays in Slack. Rosenstein denied he said any of this. But still offered to resign. Then yesterday, he showed up to the White House expecting to pick up his pink slip and call it a day. Instead, he was told the prez would meet with him on Thursday. Giving him a couple days to wake up in cold sweats and overanalyze how that convo will go.

Why is he such a big deal?

Because he oversees special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation.

What would happen if he's out of the job?

Solicitor General Noel Francisco would probably take over the investigation. But some might say 'hey, red flag' because of his former law firm's ties to the Trump campaign.


Trump's been pretty open about his feelings on the Russia investigation (hint: starts with "rigged" and ends with "witch hunt"). Some worry that if he gets rid of the Rod, he'll open himself up to potentially meddling in the investigation.


The Story

All eyes are on President Trump at the UN General Assembly today.

Tell me more.

Every year, the UN hosts a get-together with its 193 member countries in New York to talk about and vote on global issues. This week, world leaders take the stage to put their agendas on display.

What's Trump going to talk about?

Most likely Iran. He's expected to make some pointed shoutouts about how the country isn't living up to its promises from the Iran nuclear deal. He may also give a status update on his relationship with North Korea's Kim Jong Un, and what's happening on that nuclear front.


Since last year's UNGA, Trump has imposed tariffs on allies and frenemies, trashed NATO, took the US out of the UN Human Rights Council, and the list goes on. Chances are his "America First" policies will be front and center – and set the US apart from the rest of the world for a second year in a row.


What's moving further to the right...

Italy. Yesterday, the country's gov approved measures that would reportedly allow getting rid of protections for migrants – making it easier for them to be deported. In recent years, Europe's faced a huge migrant crisis, leading to a rise in support for far-right, anti-immigrant parties. Including in Italy. Around 600,000 migrants have entered Italy in the past few years. Now, the PM's cabinet has OK'd a bill that would reportedly suspend the refugee application process for people considered "socially dangerous" or for those who've been convicted of a crime. Parliament has 60 days to discuss and make changes before it becomes law. In other news across the pond, the EU just sued Poland. The country's gov has made some edits to control the justice system. Like lowering the retirement age for Supreme Court judges from 70 to 65. Which meant dozens of the court's judges were sent packing. Now, the EU is saying this violates the independence of the courts. Next month, there will apparently be a hearing for Poland to defend WTF it's doing.

What to say when you've been getting bad press all week...

I'm Brett Kavanaugh and I don't approve this message. Yesterday, Kavanaugh and his wife sat down for their first TV interview since allegations of sexual misconduct came out against the SCOTUS nom. He says he's "not going to let false accusations drive us out of this process." Meanwhile, thousands of people across the country walked out yesterday for #BelieveSurvivors in support of his accusers Christine Blasey Ford and Deborah Ramirez.

What to say when you hear Instagram's co-founders are leaving

Doing some unfriending. Meanwhile, SiriusXM is updating its status to 'in a relationship.' Yesterday, the satellite radio company announced its writing a check for $3.5 billion to buy Pandora. The deal will create "the world's largest audio entertainment company." Speaking of companies getting cozy, Snap is teaming up with Amazon so that you can shop using Snapchat's camera. Just point to a product or a barcode, and an Amazon link pops up. Because, Amazon needed one more way to take over the world. Speaking of taking over, Michael Kors. The handbag maker is close to buying Versace for around $2 billion. TBD if there will be a new brand name. Speaking of new brand names, give a warm welcome to WW.

What to say to your friend who cries during commercials...

Get ready for this. Yesterday, researchers said that two people whose legs were paralyzed are walking on their own. And it's all thanks to a device (which stimulates electrical activity) implanted on their spinal cords. Plus, daily physical therapy. This shows that the body can be rewired to move the legs even when the brain isn't telling it to. Mind, blown.

What to say when you can't find the words to express yourself…

It's OK.


It's here. It's here. National Voter Registration Day is today. If you've been procrastinating, no judgment, but today's the day to stop. Seriously.

Register to vote? Check. Make sure all your friends are registered to vote? Check. Email all your co-workers to register to vote? Check. Text all your exes to register? We'll let you decide, but it wouldn't be the worst reason.

You can register here. Check your status here. Find the dates you need to know here. The issues on both sides of the aisle here. Why the midterms matter here. And if you didn't catch on yet all the links go to the same place. Because voting is important. And you can't vote if you're not registered.


For when someone asks if you're going to vote…

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For when your boss is sick and you need to lead the pitch…

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