Skimm'd while brushing up on the Bill of Rights

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OCTOBER 09, 2018


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Skimm'd while brushing up on the Bill of Rights


"You've ruined that for me" – Peyton Manning, after Drew Brees broke his record for all-time passing yards in the NFL. That's what happens when you retire, Peyton.


The Story

Brett Kavanaugh is adding '114th Supreme Court justice' to his resume.

It was a long weekend, catch me up.

Earlier this year, President Trump nominated Kavanaugh to fill retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy's seat on the Supreme Court. Since then, four women have accused Kavanaugh of sexual assault or misconduct – allegations that Kavanaugh denies. And testified publicly about, along with one of his accusers - CA professor Christine Blasey Ford. Trump ordered the FBI to investigate the allegations. After the FBI's report dropped, the Senate moved forward with a vote on whether to confirm Kavanaugh.

Who did it come down to?

All eyes were on a few possible swing votes. Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) voted 'yes.' So did Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) – who gave a 45-minute speech defending her choice. Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV), who's up for re-election in a red state, was the only Dem to say 'aye.' In the end, the Senate voted 50-48 to confirm Kavanaugh – the slimmest margin for a SCOTUS nom in almost 140 years.

How did people react?

Hundreds showed up to Capitol Hill to protest Kavanaugh's confirmation. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) reportedly called the effort to confirm Kavanaugh "the most important contribution" the GOP's made to the country. Meanwhile, Trump called the allegations against Kavanaugh "a hoax."

What does this mean for the US?

Kavanaugh, who is a known conservative judge, is replacing the court's swing vote in a position that can last for life. He's 53, so he could shape the court's rulings for decades.

What's the latest?

Over the weekend, Kavanaugh was sworn in during a private ceremony. Today is his first day in his new robes.

What's on the docket?

First up, a case about mandatory sentencing for people with prior convictions. There's also a case on whether the gov can detain immigrants who've served sentences for other crimes.


Kavanaugh is the second SCOTUS nominee in less than 30 years to be confirmed despite sexual misconduct allegations. Both sides are angry about how his confirmation process went down. Both sides are also hoping it'll mobilize their bases heading into the midterm elections. Next month, voters will get their say.

PS: Midterms are in 28 days. And there are literally no excuses not to vote. Get ready here.


What we should all stop and pay serious attention to…

Climate change. A major UN report says that the world has 12 years to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions – otherwise we could see severe impacts of climate change by 2040. This report was written by almost 100 international experts on climate change, looking at more than 6,000 studies. These experts now say that some of the worst impacts of climate change (think: more frequent droughts and flooding, and extreme heat that could lead to things like food shortages and potentially affect hundreds of millions of people) are expected to happen in our lifetimes. To keep the earth's temp from reaching the point of no return, the UN body says governments need to set up high carbon taxes. Yesterday. And that the use of coal needs to drop ASAP. The report admits that getting all of human civilization to roll back emissions on this scale has never been done before. Happy Tuesday.

PS: Climate change is one of the key issues people think about when heading to the polls. Get read up here.

What to say when your book club is voting on your next read...

Brazil got its vote on over the weekend too. Now the country's headed to a presidential runoff between right-wing candidate Jair Bolsonaro and leftist candidate Fernando Haddad. Many Brazilians are fed up with Haddad's party, which has been accused of corruption and blamed for the country's high crime and struggling economy. Now, they're turning to Bolsonaro – the anti-establishment candidate who's promising to crack down on crime. And who's known for his offensive comments about minorities, women, and the LGBT community. Bolsonaro's the more popular candidate. But didn't get enough of the vote to become prez – so Brazilians are heading back to the polls later this month.

What people are talking about…

This limo crash. Over the weekend, 20 people died in a limo crash while celebrating a 30th birthday party in upstate New York. It was the deadliest transportation crash in the US in almost 10 years. And it happened when the limo ran a stop sign at a dangerous intersection. Now, authorities are investigating what happened.

Who people are talking about…

Laquan McDonald. Last week, a Chicago jury convicted a police officer of second-degree murder for killing the black 17-year-old boy in 2014. Video showed the officer shooting McDonald 16 times within seconds of arriving on the scene, even as McDonald was on the ground. This case marks the first time in almost 50 years that a Chicago officer was convicted of murder in an on-duty shooting.

What to say when you hear Facebook is getting into the video chat game...

Google is getting out of the Google+ game.


$12 trillion

The amount of cash money that could be added to the global GDP if women participated in the economy identically to men. Big if, big pay off. Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women wants to help us get there. It's a program that empowers female entrepreneurs through business education and access to capital. Learn more here.


For when your favorite workout class has a sale…

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For when your younger cousin never uses snail mail...

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