Skimm'd while thinking about what to bring to the polls

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OCTOBER 10, 2018


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Skimm'd while thinking about what to bring to the polls


"This is how you take an ankle bracelet off" – A man who was arrested after filming himself taking his ankle bracelet off. A true criminal mastermind.


The Story

UN Ambassador Nikki Haley is stepping down.

Roll the montage.

From 2011 to 2017, Haley was South Carolina's first female and Indian-American governor – notably taking down the Statehouse's Confederate flag. During the '16 election, she often criticized then-candidate Donald Trump. But when Trump became president, he appointed her to rep the US at the UN. Since then, Haley hasn't been afraid to call out, sanction, or crack down on those she considered unjust – including Russia, Syria, Iran, Myanmar, and even the UN. She's also clashed with the admin on Russia, refusing to cover for the White House when it didn't follow through with sanctions against the country.

So…why is she leaving?

The question of the hour. It is T-27 days until the midterms and Haley might be the Trump admin's most popular senior official. Not to mention one of the only female ones. In her resignation letter, Haley said she wants a break from more than a decade in public service. And might take a job in the private sector (hint: where the money's at). Trump says 'this was all part of the plan' and that Haley warned him about this months ago. But people have suspicions.


Whether Haley wasn't jiving with the admin's hardliners. And felt like she was no longer the top international dog since Mike Pompeo became sec of state. Plus, there have always been rumors she'd run for prez someday. But she says it's not happening in 2020. There are also questions about whether potential red flags raised this week about her use of private planes may have convinced her to exit early. Whatever the reason, she says she'll peace out by January.

Who will get the spot?

TBD. Trump says he's considering Dina Powell – his former deputy national security adviser and a current Goldman Sachs exec. There were rumors Trump might consider Ivanka, but it's looking like he's sticking with the pros.


There hasn't been a high-profile exit in the Trump admin in a hot minute. And this one caught some in the admin off guard. But Trump and Haley insist they're ending things on good terms. Eyes are on what Haley decides to do next.

PS: For more on Nikki Haley's background, listen to this Skimm Note released last month.


Who everyone is asking about...

Jamal Khashoggi. He's a Saudi journalist in Turkey who criticized Saudi Arabia and has been missing since earlier this month. Here's what we know: last week, he visited Saudi Arabia's consulate in Istanbul, Turkey to get divorce documents so he could get remarried. His fiancée waited outside for hours and called the authorities when he didn't come out. The Saudi gov said Khashoggi disappeared after he left the consulate. But Turkish officials think he was killed inside and that his body was removed via a black van. Khashoggi used to have close ties to the Saudi royal family but recently became a critic. Yesterday, Turkey's foreign ministry got permission to inspect the consulate. The US says it's concerned, too.

What people are watching…

Hurricane Michael. Today, the storm is expected to hit the Florida Panhandle as a Category 4 hurricane. It's coming with winds of up to 140 miles per hour and could bring storm surges of up to 13 feet. Heavy rain and flooding are expected for Florida and parts of the Southeast. Stay safe.

What to say when you hear Instagram can detect bullying in photos...

Big day in the tech world. Yesterday, Google showed off its new Pixel phones which, thanks to leaks, most people had already seen. The phones have a new feature for people in the US to screen calls to avoid spam callers. Because we've all gotten them. Google also tried to one-up Facebook's Portal with its Home Hub.

What to say when you hear Taylor Swift has apparently gotten everyone and their mother to vote...

Get in on the action.

What to say when you need a new show to binge…

Hold tight, Steven Avery's coming back.



That guy who became internet famous thanks to his mom's "crazy" post. She tried to play internet matchmaker by saying he wasn't going on "solo dates" because of fears he'd get accused of sexual misconduct. And topped it off with the hashtag #HimToo. Twitter responded with memes. And he came out to turn things around, denying his mother's claims and saying he's a supporter of #BelieveWomen. Don't judge a man by his mom's tweets.


For when it's your co-worker's bday...

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For when you hear it's World Mental Health Day…

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