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OCTOBER 19, 2018


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Skimm'd with brand whisperer Bozoma Saint John


"Honestly, it's not for everyone" – Nebraska's convincing new tourism campaign. Bonus points for self-awareness.


The Story

The Taliban has Afghanistan on edge before its first parliamentary elections in years.

It's been a while. Remind me.

US troops have been in Afghanistan for 17 years helping the gov fight off terrorist groups like the Taliban – which ruled the country back in the '90s. Earlier this year, the gov and the Taliban agreed to their first ceasefire. There was also talk about a potential peace deal. Now, the warm fuzzy feelings are back down to zero.

What's the latest?

Yesterday, a gunman opened fire at a regional governor's compound in southern Afghanistan's province of Kandahar – aka the Taliban heartland. He killed a top regional police chief and intelligence chief. The shooter was apparently a bodyguard for the governor. The Taliban claimed responsibility.

Who were they trying to attack?

The police chief that they killed. He was a big deal in the area and a key US ally. The terror group also claims to have been after the top US commander there, Gen. Scott Miller. He wasn't injured, but three others were. The Taliban also said 'be prepared for this weekend.'

What's this weekend?

Elections. Tomorrow, the whole country was set to head to the polls. But earlier today, the gov delayed voting in Kandahar for a week because of the latest attack. And the terror group is set on causing more chaos.


Afghanistan has been unstable for decades. And yesterday's attack shows that the future and stability of the country is still very much in jeopardy.


What people are talking about...

This caravan. Yesterday, President Trump threatened Mexico if it doesn't stop a group of migrants from entering the US. For years, tens of thousands of Central Americans have come to the US, fleeing violence and poverty back home. Some have traveled together as a group for safety. You heard about a caravan like this earlier this year. Now, it's coming up again. Earlier this week, Trump told Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador that if they don't halt the caravan, they could lose US aid. Now, some migrants have reportedly reached Mexico – and Trump's dialing up the pressure. He warns he'll bring out the US military, close the border, and might risk the new trade deal. Mexico's saying 'I hear you.' It reportedly won't let the migrants enter as a group. And it's forcing them to either show a passport and visa (something many apparently don't have) or apply for refugee status, which could take months. TBD if that's enough to stop these migrants from trying to enter the US…and keep Trump happy.

What to say when you wish you hadn't agreed to be social…

Gonna have to cancel. Yesterday, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said he's pulling out of Saudi Arabia's big money conference next week. ICYMI, Saudi Arabia is accused of murdering Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi at its Istanbul consulate earlier this month. Cue CEOs, media outlets, and western gov officials backing out of the kingdom's version of Davos (think: Burning Man, but instead of music and drugs: networking and investment talk). For days, people have been wondering if Mnuchin would drop out, too. And the Trump admin has been treading carefully, because money. It's giving Saudi Arabia a few days to wrap up its investigation on Khashoggi's disappearance. But it's also starting to push back against it (Exhibit A: Mnuchin ditching the conference). And warning that Saudi Arabia could face "very severe" consequences if it's found to be responsible. The Dow doesn't exactly seem thrilled with this US-Saudi tension.

What people want answers about...

The Catholic Church. The Justice Dept is looking into sex abuse allegations within the Catholic Church in Pennsylvania. Earlier this year, a state grand jury found that hundreds of priests there have abused at least 1,000 children spanning decades. Now, the DOJ is starting to issue subpoenas. Speaking of the DOJ, it's asking SCOTUS to throw out a climate change lawsuit. In 2015, a group of children and young adults sued the gov, saying the lack of climate change action threatens their right to an environment "capable of sustaining human life." The Obama admin tried to stop the lawsuit. Now the Trump admin is, too. It's arguing that there's no such thing as a right to certain climate conditions – and that the lawsuit's trying to force gov policy through the courts. But unless SCOTUS does something, it's expected to go to trial this month.

What to say when you find your old Furby…

I wish I knew how to destroy you…right, Banksy?

What to say when you need a Midol…

Are you there, childhood?


"This Will Only Hurt A Little" by Busy Philipps

You guys. Busy Philipps has a memoir. The "Dawson's Creek" alum and everyone's favorite Instagram follow gets into everything from what it's like being a woman in Hollywood to her friendship with Michelle Williams to dealing with postpartum anxiety. Spoiler: she's not afraid to call people out along the way. Get busy.

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