Skimm'd while bragging that "I voted" already

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NOVEMBER 05, 2018


Yes. No Excuses

Skimm'd while bragging that "I voted" already


"Oh, there goes one right there! Little bit of fall! It's happening! Winter's coming!" – A photographer who goes by Jeff Foliage is really excited about the leaves falling. Foliage? In November? Groundbreaking.


The Story

You might have heard...there's an election going down tomorrow.

I'm aware. And ready.

You better be. More than 31 million people have reportedly already voted. This midterm election is expected to be the most expensive one. Ever. And with one day left, there are non-stop headlines.

Like what?

President Trump and former president Obama spent the weekend on the campaign trail in some key states. Trump talked up the economy (hey, new jobs report). Obama talked about healthcare (and gave the GOP side-eye for trying to get rid of Obamacare). They both talked about immigration. Specifically, about the migrant caravan traveling from Central America to the US border. Last week, the Pentagon said it's sending more than 5,000 troops to the border. And the prez said he would work to deny asylum for people who cross illegally. Now these migrants are calling the move "shockingly unconstitutional," and are suing the admin.

What else?

Georgia, Georgia, Georgia. Yesterday, its Sec of State Brian Kemp (R) – who's running in a tough race for governor – said he's looking into the Georgia Democratic Party for allegedly trying to hack the state's voter registration system. But didn't give any evidence. The state's Dem party called the allegations "100 percent false." This comes as he's been getting heat for holding up some absentee ballots, which some say is to suppress voters. Meanwhile, a white supremacist group apparently put out a racist robocall targeting his opponent Stacey Abrams (D), who could become the country's first black female governor.

Anything else?

Oh, just this...Twitter says it's deleted thousands of suspected fake accounts – many pretending to be Dems trying to convince people to stay home on Election Day.

That's a lot.

Yup. Also, weather alert: parts of the midwest, south, and East Coast could get hit with some bad storms tomorrow. Bring an umbrella and windbreaker.


Tomorrow, you get to decide who runs the country. Show up and vote. No Excuses.


What people are watching…

Iran. Today, the Trump administration is bringing back sanctions on Iran's oil, banking, and shipping industries. ICYMI, President Trump is not a fan of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, because he says it wasn't tough enough. Earlier this year, he pulled the US out of it. Meaning: all the old, pre-deal sanctions are new again. This is the final and most intense round yet. The US is giving eight countries a temporary waiver so they have time to subtract 'Iranian oil' from their business models. The EU is trying to figure out a way to work around this – but Iran's economy is still expected to get hit, hard. Trump hopes these sanctions will lead to a new deal and less Iranian money going to militant groups. Iran calls this "economic war" and says it'll keep doing its thing. The sanctions come as Iran celebrated its 1979 US embassy attack. Not exactly a time that evokes fuzzy US-Iran feelings.

What to say when it all sounds so familiar…

Déjà vu. Brazil's next president is reportedly getting ready to crack down on "fake news." Last week, Brazil scooched to the right and elected Jair Bolsonaro, an anti-establishment candidate who promises to crack down on crime and corruption. Now, Bolsonaro's calling out the media, particularly outlets he says are "lying shamelessly." His apparent plan: stop the practice of spending government dollars on ads in outlets he doesn't approve of. It's not expected to make a huge dent. But journalists say they're experiencing an uptick in threats and attacks. And that Bolsonaro's anti-media comments are having a chilling effect on investigative journalism.

What to say when your roommate says they're moving out...

Won't you stay with me? Yesterday, New Caledonia – an island near Australia – said 'non' to separating from France. This comes after years of tension there between those that wanted to let their French flag fly and those that wanted to exit stage left. French President Emmanuel Macron called it a "vote of confidence in the French republic."

What to say when you hear there are good people in the world…

There are also really fast people. Present company excluded.

Who everyone was talking about this weekend…

This nurse.


There's your normal Tuesday....then there's tomorrow. Election Day. The day of champions. Civic heroes. Hyped-up poll workers. "I voted" stickers. And Facebook posts from that guy from your high school math class you didn't realize you still were friends with. Let's doooo this.

Here's your checklist for the big day:

Voting is personal. We all have different backgrounds, political opinions, and experiences that we bring to the polls. Our friends at Shondaland tell us why it's so important to them.

There are No Excuses not to vote tomorrow. And we want to celebrate with everyone who showed up and changed expectations. So tell us after you vote. And if you already voted, cheers. But still tell us...for more cheers.


For when you get nervous before casting your ballot...

We've got your pack. No, really. We're giving away three No Excuses packages with everything you need to hit the polls like a pro. Think: Terez leggings, a S'well water bottle, Bow & Drape sweatshirt, Bird & Stone bracelet, and a Cuyana bag. Enter to win.


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