Skimm'd while making it count. Literally.

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NOVEMBER 08, 2018


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Skimm'd while making it count. Literally.


"I can't kiss you, can I?" – Emma Thompson to Prince William.


The Story

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been pushed out.

Give me the backstory.

Sessions was Trump's no. 1 fan on the campaign trail. But as AG, he recused himself from overseeing his department's Russia investigation after it came out he had meetings with the Russian ambassador. Since then, Sessions has tried to get back on Trump's good side. He's carried out crackdowns on media leaks and drugs, and separated families at the US-Mexico border. It hasn't worked. See: exhibit A.

So why now?

Trump's been talking about firing Sessions for a while. But GOP leaders apparently convinced him to hold off until after the midterms. Yesterday, Trump checked his watch and said 'ok midterms are over, get out.' It's important to note: Dems will control the House starting in January and be able to do things like launch investigations into Trump. So he might want an AG who'll have his back.

What does it mean for the Russia investigation?

Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein won't oversee it anymore. For now, that job goes to Matthew Whitaker – Sessions' chief of staff who Trump appointed as temporary AG. Whitaker's made it clear he's no fan of the investigation, and has talked about slashing its funding. Today, hundreds of protests are expected.

What's Trump got to say?

'Thank u, next.' He also held a heated press conference yesterday where he humblebragged about GOP wins in the Senate, called out Republicans who didn't team up with him, and said if Dems investigate him 'this means war.' When Yamiche Alcindor – a black journalist for PBS – asked a question about white nationalism, Trump called it racist. He also told CNN reporter Jim Acosta that he was a "rude, terrible person" after they clashed during the event. And last night, the White House suspended Acosta's press pass.

So...about that election?

Results are still trickling in. Stacey Abrams (D) still hasn't conceded Georgia's governor's race to Sec of State Brian Kemp (R), who's less than 2 points ahead. The Arizona Senate race is still too close to call. And the Florida Senate race could be heading to a recount.


The president has fired the attorney general. The investigation into election meddling could be in question. The White House has revoked a reporter's press pass. Protests are happening. And in case you forgot, we all went to the polls two days ago. Happy Thursday.


What people are watching…

Thousand Oaks, CA. A gunman opened fire in a bar 40 miles west of LA overnight, injuring at least 11 people. Authorities say "multiple" people were killed – though it's not clear how many. The bar was hosting a weekly night for college students.

What people are watching…

This trial in Rwanda. Last year, the country's opposition leader Diane Rwigara tried to run for president against the country's long-time prez Paul Kagame. Kagame turned the country around after the genocide in the '90s, but he's also been accused of running an authoritarian regime. Election officials blocked Rwigara's campaign and accused her of forging the signatures to qualify. She started her own activist group, and was arrested for things like trying to incite an uprising and fraud. She went to trial yesterday, and could face a 22-year prison sentence. Meanwhile, here's some good news from Cameroon: dozens of children who were kidnapped from a school earlier this week were returned. But the principal and a teacher are still being held captive. It's still unclear who's behind all this.

What to say when the office cookies are all gone…

Who can I sue? Earlier this week, the Girl Scouts sued the Boy Scouts. Here's the beef: last year, the Boy Scouts announced it's changing up its rules to let the ladies in. And it's getting a name change: Scouts BSA. Because inclusion. Now, the Girl Scouts is saying 'nope, you're overstepping.' The lawsuit says that the new name is confusing people and damaging the Girl Scouts org. The Boy Scouts says it's looking over all of this and that it only has love for its sister friend.

What to say when you get a cal invite for an early weekend brunch…

Decline. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is saying 'thanks but no thanks' to meeting with international officials to talk about his company's problems. Last week, the UK and Canada invited him to answer questions from an international committee about fake news and data privacy issues on his platform. Facebook? Issues? Gasp. Now he's turning them down, and the co reportedly said he's answered UK lawmakers' questions in the past. Problem not solved. Now Argentina, Australia, and Ireland are joining in to say 'c'mon man, you should really reconsider.'

What to say when you hear "Breaking Bad" is still in the empire business

I am the one who calls Tesla's board meeting to order.


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