Skimm'd while wishing for a different ending to "The Haunting of Hill House"

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NOVEMBER 09, 2018


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Skimm'd while wishing for a different ending to "The Haunting of Hill House"


"Starting a GoFundMe to send RBG to Wakanda and manufacture her new ribs from vibranium" – The internet is here for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg after she broke three ribs.


The Story

The Trump admin is going all in on its immigration policy.


Yesterday, the admin announced new rules that would deny asylum claims to migrants caught crossing the border illegally. Reminder: people can claim asylum if they're facing or could face persecution for things like their race or religion back home. If they get asylum, they get legal protection to stay in the US.

What are people saying about this?

The admin says the change will make sure asylum seekers enter at official entry ports, so it can deal with them in a "controlled, orderly, and lawful manner." Some think the move may be in response to the migrant caravan making its way up to the border. Critics say this change is straight up illegal. The rules could reportedly go into effect as early as today. Expect to see this issue play out in the courts.

What else?

DACA. Yesterday, a federal appeals court ruled the program can stay. Last year, President Trump announced he was phasing out the Obama-era program that protects thousands of kids who were brought to the US illegally from deportation. A number of states sued the gov for ending it. Now, an appeals court is upholding a lower court's ruling. Meaning: the law is here to stay. For now…

I'm listening…

The Trump admin has wanted the Supreme Court to skip over lower courts and take this up, ASAP. This is the second time it's asked to skip the normal judicial procedure. Last time, the Supremes said 'pass.' But there's a new conservative judge on the bench, so TBD if they're ready to take it up this time.

Anything else?

In another blow to the Trump admin, a federal judge temporarily blocked construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline. The reason: the admin ignored facts on climate change and used outdated info to justify building it. This leaves the future of the controversial pipeline up in the air.


Immigration was one of the key issues for voters during this week's election. And the prez is wasting no time putting it back in the headlines and continuing his immigration crackdown.


What people are finding out more about…

Thousand Oaks, CA. Earlier this week, a gunman stormed a bar filled with college students, killing 12 people – including a sergeant who rushed to the scene – and injuring more than a dozen others. Yesterday, it came out that the suspect was a 28-year-old Marine veteran. He was later found dead by apparent suicide. There was no clear motive – but the suspect had a history of concerning behavior. He seemed to carry out the attack using a legally purchased handgun, but with an extended magazine (not legal in CA). This was the deadliest shooting since Parkland, FL this year. And came less than two weeks after a gunman killed 11 people at a synagogue in Pittsburgh, PA.

What to say when you need a political fix...

Just wait. Yesterday, thousands of protesters came out across the country to advocate for special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation. It could be on shaky ground after Jeff Sessions got kicked out as attorney general earlier this week. Democrats are calling for an investigation into that. And the acting AG doesn't look ready to recuse himself anytime soon. In midterms news, the Georgia governor's race is still getting all the headlines. Brian Kemp (R) has declared victory, but Stacey Abrams (D) wants every vote counted. Yesterday, Kemp resigned from his position as sec of state – the office that oversees a recount if needed. The Florida governor's race is also keeping people on edge. And everyone's still talking about Jim Acosta – and whether the White House doctored a video to remove his press pass. And if that wasn't crazy enough, people showed up to Fox News host Tucker Carlson's home this week and apparently threatened him. Because that's a legal, normal thing to do to someone you disagree with.

What to say when you get an alert to update your computer…

I should probably do that, huh. Yesterday, Google said it was updating its policies on sexual harassment. That's because thousands of employees dipped out of work last week to protest how Google reportedly handled some cases with top execs. Now, Google is saying 'I hear you.' It's loosening a policy that required employees to settle cases behind closed doors. And says it will be open about these kinds of allegations in the future.

What to say when you keep trying to do a headstand in yoga…

Young at this guy.

What to say when you hear this might've been the highest midterm turnout since 1966

You get a sticker. And you get a sticker. And you get a sticker.

What to say when your friend asks you for help with the baby shower...

Bring it on.


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