Skimm'd while celebrating the holidays the smart way

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NOVEMBER 15, 2018


Celebrate Smarter

Skimm'd while celebrating the holidays the smart way


"I lasted for two days" – Viola Davis on a 28-day food cleanse. Nobody has time for that.


The Story

Florida still hasn't figured out how to hold an election.

What's happening?

You might remember about that thing that happened about a week ago called the midterms. Florida got stuck with three races – senator, governor, and agriculture commissioner – that went to a recount because they were under the .5% margin of victory (2000, is that you?). Now, Florida counties have until 3pm today to provide the results of the machine recount. If the margin difference in a race is .25% or less, it goes to a hand recount.

How's everything going?

It's a sh*tshow. Multiple lawsuits. Overheated voting machines. Claims of voter fraud. Issues with signatures on ballots. Incumbent Sen. Bill Nelson (D) wants to keep his seat, bad. And his team is suing to find him more votes. Gov. Rick Scott (R) thinks the Senate seat is his – he's currently leading by fewer than 13,000 votes – and decided to show up to Capitol Hill for orientation. Meanwhile, it's looking like Ron DeSantis (R) is thiiiis close to winning the governor's race against Andrew Gillum (D). He's ahead by about 34,000 votes aka a lead of .41%.

What are the stakes here?

How much of a majority Republicans have in the Senate. Right now, it's 51-47. The stronger the majority, the easier it is to pass the party's agenda. Speaking of Congress, there are a few leadership updates...

I'm listening...

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) are staying put. Current House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) will be the next minority leader. House Dems will decide on their own party leaders in the next two weeks. The chamber votes on a House speaker in January.


Today could go one of two ways: clarity on who's representing the state of Florida. Or more confusion.


What to say when you hear Sweden's gov isn't making nice

The UK's isn't doing so hot either. Yesterday, UK PM Theresa May's cabinet gave the OK to a draft Brexit plan. But then this morning the Brexit secretary aka her chief negotiator quit, saying he's not down with the terms of the deal. Several other members of the gov said 'we're out too.' Not a good look for May, who still needs the UK Parliament to sign off on the plan. It's now very much TBD how that'll go. Surprises are fun.

What people are freaking out about...

This new report that says Venezuela is working with tech company ZTE to track its citizens. You know ZTE as one of China's largest tech companies. And a major source of trust issues. Now the company's reportedly helping the Venezuelan gov spy on its own people. It is doing so through a smart-card called the "fatherland card." It tracks info like birthdays, political parties, and social media presence. Sketchy. The gov already handed them out to more than half the population. Some say this is Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro tightening his grip on the country – which has been experiencing a major economic crisis partially because of Maduro's socialist gov. No word from Venezuela's gov on all this.

What to say when you hear Saudi Arabia is seeking justice...

President Trump has that on the mind too. Yesterday, he gave the thumbs up to criminal justice reform legislation. Which includes lowering mandatory minimum sentences for some drug-related crimes, and giving judges more flexibility to avoid those sentences for lower-level crimes. Even though it has bipartisan support (yes, bipartisanship still exists), it's TBD if conservatives who are tough on crime will throw their weight behind it. On the flip side, here's someone that doesn't have WH support: deputy national security adviser Mira Ricardel. She's packing up her desk after First Lady Melania Trump's spokeswoman said she "no longer deserves the honor" of working there. As you wish. Meanwhile, CNN is feeling supported. More than a dozen news organizations are filing briefs to back its lawsuit against the Trump admin. A judge is expected to rule on the case today. And in case that wasn't enough DC drama, there's also Michael Avenatti. Yesterday, the lawyer for Stormy Daniels was arrested for suspected domestic violence. He calls the allegations "completely bogus."

What to say after your favorite pair of jeans rips…

I('m) PO'd.

What to say when you hear Netflix is testing a new subscription plan

Will that include 'Planet (super) Earth'?


-40 degrees Celsius

Aka -40 degrees Fahrenheit. Aka way too cold. It's the point at which both temperature scales intersect. It's also how low the temps can dip at night in Mongolia's Gobi Desert – where Naadam sources their cashmere. Because the goats there are the GOAT. Think: extra soft and cozy. Psst...Naadam's cashmere is also sustainable for the environment and the people in it. They cut out the middlemen to pay the herders more and get you cashmere for less. Shear for it.


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