Skimm'd while shopping for fall clothes

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NOVEMBER 19, 2018


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Skimm'd while shopping for fall clothes


"We always knew its day would come" – A bookstore after selling a children's book that had been on its shelf since 1991. The question is...will it be restocked?


The Story

Things between the US and China are getting feisty. And neither side is backing down.

Drama. Dive into it.

The US and China are two of the world's biggest economies. But the Trump admin doesn't like the way China operates. And has accused it of unfair trade practices, for things like stealing US companies' intellectual property. Enter: tariffs. Hundreds of billions of them. The two countries are still in the midst of a full-fledged trade war.

So what's the latest?

Over the weekend, the two countries met up at the APEC summit – where leaders from 21 member economies sit down to talk about trade in the Asia-Pacific region. Let's just didn't go great.

How now great?

Well, for the first time in the summit's history, leaders couldn't reach an agreement for a joint statement at the end of it. The drafted joint statements apparently condemned unfair trade practices (cough, looking at you, China, cough).

What went down?

During the summit, both the US and China tried to convince the group that their way was the right way. President Xi Jinping mentioned China's Belt and Road initiative (an infrastructure plan China's spearheading in dozens of countries), saying it would bring "common development to the world." VP Mike Pence – sitting in for President Trump – answered by saying that the US doesn't strap its partners with debt that would "compromise their sovereignty."


This feud is far from over. And it has everyone (including global markets) on the edge of their seats. TBD if Trump and Xi can find some common ground when they meet at the G20 summit later this month.


What people want updates on…

California. The death toll from fires there is now 80. Nearly 1,000 people are unaccounted for. The fire near LA is more than 90% contained while the fire in Northern California – the state's deadliest and most destructive ever – is 65% contained. President Trump visited the area over the weekend, praising the firefighters and promising federal funds. But he also got pushback for suggesting the state focus more on raking forests...and confusing the name of the town ravaged by the fire. Next up: rain is expected in the north this week. The good news: it could help put out the fire. The bad news: it could bring dangerous floods and mudslides. Search-and-rescue efforts are ongoing. Here's how you can help.

What people around the world are saying…

I'm upset. In France, hundreds of thousands of people turned out to protest high fuel taxes. This is part of French President Macron's effort to fight climate change. Some of the protests have been violent. Hundreds were injured. And one woman died. Meanwhile, there's also pushback on the gov in Canada. Dozens of indigenous women joined a class-action lawsuit accusing health officials of doing things like tying their fallopian tubes without sufficient consent while going through labor. This isn't the first time Canada's health officials have been accused of forced sterilization. But now, we're learning it might've still been happening as recently as last year. Amnesty International is concerned that racism is behind this.

What to say when buying wine for Friendsgiving…

Going with red – just like Florida. Recounts there handed the Senate race to Gov. Rick Scott (R) and the governor's race to Ron DeSantis (R). After holding off from conceding, Dem candidates Sen. Bill Nelson and Andrew Gillum said 'it's all you.' Republicans now have a 52-47 margin in the Senate (which could go up to 53-47 if they win a Mississippi runoff later this month). The head of elections for a major Florida county – who got a lot of heat for how she handled the recount – celebrated the end by resigning. Meanwhile, Stacey Abrams (D) conceded Georgia's governor race to Brian Kemp (R).

PS: DC is about to say 'hi' to tons of new women lawmakers. Get to know them – and the women who paved the way – here.

What to say when your grandma drops how she'd like to attend a wedding next year…

How 'bout a housewarming party instead?

What to say when people are whispering about you in the office...

Shut it down.



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