Skimm'd while pregaming for college bowl games

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DECEMBER 19, 2018


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Skimm'd while pregaming for college bowl games


"All I really want for Christmas is everything on my list" – Lyrics to the new Lil Jon/Kool-Aid Man song. Sometimes honesty really is the best policy.


Bump Stocks

The Story

Yesterday, the Trump administration banned the sale of bump stocks.


Earlier this year, the DOJ proposed this rule in response to the deadly 2017 Las Vegas shooting, where the gunman used bump stocks. Reminder: bump stocks are an attachment that allow semi-automatic weapons to fire rapidly. But while semi-automatic weapons are legal in most states, automatic weapons (like machine guns) aren't. And the admin says the combo of bump stocks plus semi-automatic weapons equals a machine gun. Lawmakers have threatened to ban bump stocks. They didn't. Now the admin is taking charge.


This new regulation is set to take effect in late March, and people will have 90 days to destroy their bump stocks or turn them in. The NRA says it is "disappointed" and there will likely be legal challenges that could take the issue to court. The DOJ says it's prepared to fight any challenges that may come.

Criminal Justice Reform

The Story

The Senate just passed a sweeping criminal justice bill.


The US has the highest incarceration rate in the world. For years, lawmakers have been trying to make changes to the criminal justice system to help fix that problem. Now, senators are checking that off their to-do list. The new bill includes things like more rehab programs for inmates, shortening mandatory minimum sentences for some drug-related crimes, providing sanitary products to female inmates, and making sure inmates are within 500 miles of family.


The House and President Trump still have to OK the bill. If that all goes smoothly (which it's expected to), it'll be a major bipartisan win, where people on both sides of the aisle came together. All before we get a divided gov in 2019.

The Trump Foundation

The Story

President Trump's foundation agreed to shut itself down.


Earlier this year, New York's attorney general filed a lawsuit accusing Trump and three of his kids of violating federal and state laws – including using foundation money to help Trump's presidential campaign and not understanding what it means to be a non-profit. Yesterday, it was announced that the Trump Foundation agreed to dissolve. The AG said that the org's use of funds followed "a shocking pattern of illegality" and said the foundation was pretty much a "checkbook" for Trump's business and political interests.


This is just the beginning. The AG also wants to make sure the Trump Foundation and its directors are held accountable "for their clear and repeated violations." Also, that it pays $2.8 million in restitution, and that the charity's remaining assets be sent to other charities. Not a great look for a sitting president. So far, no word from him on all this.


What to say when you're not ready to deal with the consequences…

Snooze. Yesterday, Michael Flynn got to do that on his sentencing. He's President Trump's former national security adviser who lasted less than a month on the job – 24 days to get specific. He pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about his contacts with Russia, and admitted he lied about his lobbying work for Turkey. He could face up to six months in prison. But special counsel Robert Mueller recommended Flynn get zero prison time because of his "substantial assistance" in the Russia investigation. He was supposed to be sentenced yesterday. But a federal judge told Flynn 'from what I'm seeing, you might still go to prison' and offered to delay the sentencing until after Flynn is done cooperating with prosecutors. Flynn took him up on the offer. Deadline for the next update: March 13.

What to say when you feel like people don't like you at work…

Maybe I should bow out? Yesterday, Belgium's prime minister offered to resign over pushback for supporting the UN's pact on migration. Reminder: back in 2015, European countries struggled with an influx of migrants and needed some ground rules on how to deal with it. After a long time negotiating, the UN came up with a pact that's non-binding and symbolic. But some countries where nationalism has been on the rise felt it did things like threaten their sovereignty and control over their borders. Last week, the pact was officially adopted. Belgium's PM said 'we're in' – even after he lost his majority in Parliament after a right-wing part of his coalition resigned in opposition. Some parties threw around the idea of a no-confidence vote. Then the PM handed Belgium's king his resignation. Now, the king is asking the PM to stay on while he figures out WTF to do.

What to say to your cousin in high school…

Listen up. Yesterday, America's doctor issued an advisory on teens using e-cigs. You've heard this a lot. The FDA has made tackling the e-cig issue a top priority. Now, the surgeon general is chiming in and calling for an all-hands-on-deck response to the issue. In other news sounding the alarm, this new report on Facebook. It says that Facebook gave big tech companies more access to personal user data (think: private messages, friend lists) than it has previously admitted. And just to end on a high note, another new report says it could take more than 200 years to close the gender pay gap. Something for your great-great-great-grandkids to look forward to.

Who people are thinking about…

Penny Marshall. Earlier this week, the actress and director died at age 75 due to complications from diabetes. She was known for her TV role in "Laverne & Shirley" as well as directing popular movies like "Big" and "A League of Their Own." RIP.

What to say when you need to get in the holiday spirit…

Here you go.



Not just what you should practice for your holiday cookie platter. It's what you want when investing too. Hint: it can help minimize risk. An investment portfolio is juuuust right when it's well-diversified across different assets (such as stocks, bonds, and real estate).

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