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DECEMBER 27, 2018


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"No Christmas gift could be greater than this" – A woman tricked her dad by replacing Ferrero Rocher chocolates with chocolate-covered brussels sprouts. You're a mean one, Mrs. Grinch.


The Story

A second child died while in US border custody this month.

Not good.

Not at all. Eight-year-old Felipe Alonzo-Gomez had been in custody since Dec 18th for illegally crossing the border with his father. They were moved around to different border stations. Felipe was taken to the hospital earlier this week. He got sick again after leaving the hospital and died on Christmas Eve. This comes weeks after seven-year-old Jakelin Caal Maquin died while in custody after crossing the border with her father. The official causes of death for Felipe and Jakelin have not been determined yet.

I don't remember hearing about this before.

That's because before this, there hasn't been a child who has died in border custody in more than a decade – which is why these two deaths are raising a lot of concerns about the current situation at the border.

Tell me more.

Typically, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is supposed to release detainees within 72 hours. But the head of the agency says it doesn't have enough resources, and border stations aren't equipped for the "enormous flow" of kids and families. He's also calling on Congress for more money. In the meantime, CBP is making some much-needed changes to avoid another tragic situation, including conducting secondary medical checks on all kids. It's also looking into releasing some migrants under a supervised release and reviewing its policies on taking care of kids in custody. Homeland Security Sec Kirstjen Nielsen is headed to the border this week.

How does the government shutdown affect this?

It doesn't help. Congress has been at a standstill since President Trump put his foot down for $5 billion for a border wall. Now we're on day six of a partial gov shutdown. Departments like Homeland Security – which CBP falls under – have run out of funding, and hundreds of thousands of federal workers are clocking in and not getting paid. Until Congress and the president agree on a spending bill, funding remains on pause.


The Trump admin has made illegal immigration and border security a big priority. But two kids have died in federal custody in the span of a month. And many lawmakers and Americans want answers on whether the admin's policies came with plans for how to handle the influx of detainees.


What to say when you make a surprise visit…

Just like President Trump. Yesterday, he showed up to visit American troops in Iraq – his first visit to an active combat zone as commander in chief. If he hadn't, he reportedly would have been the first US president in 15 years to not visit US troops around the Christmas holiday. It also comes after he announced plans to withdraw troops from Syria and Afghanistan last week – which led to the resignation of Defense Secretary Jim Mattis. But Trump is saying 'don't worry,' troops in Iraq are there to stay. In other news surprising people, the stock market decided it was feeling the holiday cheer. There were a few things putting the markets on the struggle bus, like Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin calling the CEOs of the six largest US banks to confirm that banks have "ample liquidity" – something usually done during a financial crisis. After reassurance from the White House economic adviser that the Fed chairman doesn't have to worry about losing his job, the markets went from their worst-ever Christmas Eve to pulling an impressive comeback. Bring out the spiked eggnog.

What people are watching…

Tunisia. There have been protests there after a journalist set himself on fire in protest of economic conditions and died. This situation resembles that of late 2010, when a street vendor – protesting unemployment, corruption, and repression – set himself on fire. That act is considered one of the things that sparked the 2011 Arab Spring revolution when Tunisia's long-time authoritarian president was brought down and similar movements happened in other countries (like Libya and Yemen). But a democratic transition hasn't totally helped with things like unemployment and the country's inflation. A journalist recently posted a video expressing his frustration at unemployment and unfulfilled promises from the revolution. He also called for a revolt before setting himself on fire. His death has prompted days of protests across the country. Authorities have arrested at least 18 people and have used tear gas to disperse protestors. This is all happening before the country's presidential elections next year.

What to say when your co-worker interrupts you…

I'm going to keep going. Yesterday, Japan announced it's going to start up commercial whaling next year. Since 1986, there's been an international ban on hunting whales for cash. But Japan used a loophole to still kill whales for scientific research. Then, it sold the meat. Now, the country is opting out of the agreement altogether. Which has critics like conservation groups saying this is an issue about protecting "the future of our oceans and these majestic creatures."

What to say when you watch the "Us" trailer

Gonna need to listen to some Mariah to recover.

What to say to your friend obsessed with Nicholas Sparks…

Ronnie and Will made things work.


People who are more athletic than you are doing big things. Like playing in the College Football Playoff. Four teams face off in the semifinals this Saturday, December 29th on ESPN. Here's what's going down…

Tigers vs. Fighting Irish: Meet the middle children of the College Football Playoff. Aka No. 2 ranked Clemson and No. 3 ranked Notre Dame. They're going head-to-head in the Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic.

Crimson v. Crimson: Alabama and Oklahoma square up in the Capital One Orange Bowl. They're the highest-scoring teams in the nation this season. Meaning: balls flying at nose, all day.

Areee youuu readyyy? Get more deets on the CFP here.


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