Skimm'd while creating new habits for the new year

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JANUARY 08, 2019


New Year Smarter You

Skimm'd while creating new habits for the new year


"It is false and defamatory to suggest that Ecuador asked Julian Assange to improve his hygiene" – WikiLeaks wants you to know Assange doesn't stink. He smells like pine needles and has a face like sunshine.


Benjamin Netanyahu

The Story

Yesterday, Israel's prime minister used a prime-time address to defend himself against allegations of corruption.

Tell me more.

Benjamin Netanyahu is one of the longest-serving PMs in Israel's history. But he's facing multiple corruption allegations (see: this). Last year, police recommended multiple charges against him. Now, it's up to Israel's attorney general (who Netanyahu appointed) to decide whether to indict him. Netanyahu has denied all accusations. And said he won't resign even if he gets indicted. Some people thought he might call early elections in the hopes of showing he has the public's support despite all this. And he did. Yesterday, he took it one step further and gave a speech that was supposed to be a "dramatic announcement."

What was it?

Well, for one, it wasn't very dramatic. He went on the offensive to say he wants to be able to confront his accusers in person. And said it would be unfair to have an indictment close to elections. Some of his rivals criticized him for wasting time with the address, and at least one TV channel cut off his speech. Supporters believe Netanyahu's innocent, and that this is all politically motivated. After the address, the country's justice ministry came out with a statement to defend its investigation into him.


It's been reported that the Israeli AG is getting ready to drop his final decision before the election. Which could mean the big face-off in the upcoming election may just be Netanyahu vs the law.

Donald Trump

The Story

Tonight, President Trump wants to get on your screen to address the country on what he calls a "security crisis" at the US-Mexico border.

Tell me more.

9pm ET. Oval Office. This'll be the first time he ever addresses the nation from there. All major networks will air the address. And Dems have asked for "equal airtime" to respond to what they say will probably be statements full of "malice and misinformation." Speaking of, the four living former presidents came out saying they're not on the same page as the current prez regarding the wall.


It's day 18 of the government shutdown. Trump plans to visit the border later this week – if there isn't an agreement between him and Congress before then, it will be day 20 of the partial shutdown. Until then, he's taking his case directly to the American public.


Who people are talking about…

Cyntoia Brown. She's the alleged victim of sex trafficking who killed a man who paid her for sex when she was 16. She was convicted in 2006 and sentenced to life in prison. Last year, many people – including celebs like Rihanna and Kim Kardashian West – advocated for her release. And yesterday, Tennessee's governor granted it, saying she'll be released on parole in August. Brown thanked the governor and said "my hope is to help other young girls avoid ending up where I have been." Another person everyone's talking about: Rahaf Mohammed Alqunun. She's the 18-year-old Saudi woman who's trying to claim asylum after renouncing Islam and fleeing to Thailand. She was supposed to be deported to Kuwait, where her family was apparently waiting for her. But she said they'd kill her, and barricaded herself in her hotel room. Now, after international attention on her case, authorities say she can stay in Thailand while the UN refugee agency reviews her case.

What to say when you see Alabama basketball player Maori Davenport is trending…

That's not the only thing making waves in Alabama. Yesterday, the New York Times exposed what it said was a campaign by progressive Democrats to spread fake news in the 2017 special election for Alabama's Senate race. According to the report, Dems were behind an effort to associate Republican candidate Roy Moore with a fake campaign to ban alcohol in the state. This followed other recent reports that some Dems had engaged in an effort to try to link Moore's campaign with Russian social media accounts. And surprisingly enough, there's more news out of Alabama. The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute is dealing with some backlash for rescinding an honor to Angela Davis, a civil rights activist who's also known for her membership in the Black Panther Party and Communist Party, and for her support of the movement to boycott Israel over its treatment of Palestinians. It's unclear why the honor was revoked, although the museum says it's because she didn't meet the criteria. And the mayor says it is because the "local Jewish community and some of its allies" were protesting – a turn of phrase that he's reportedly gotten pushback for.

What to say when you thought we were done talking about Alabama...

Nope. Last night, the Clemson Tigers beat the Alabama Crimson Tide in the College Football Playoff national championship. Rawr. The game marked the fourth year in a row that the two faced off in the CFP.

What to say when you hear Mastercard's getting a new look

The World Bank is getting a new president. Yesterday, the current prez resigned almost three years early, meaning President Trump has the authority to appoint the next one. The US has always appointed World Bank presidents, but this time, Trump's expected to get pushback, since he hasn't exactly been supportive of international orgs like the World Bank.

What to say when your friend doesn't show up at work…

Hi. Where you at? Yesterday, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg didn't show up in person for oral arguments, the first time she's missed them in her more than 25 years on the court. She's WFH and still recovering after getting lung surgery last month.

What to say when you hear how this Japanese billionaire got so popular…

Looks like this French author could use tips.


Set resolution. Break resolution. Set resolution. Break resolution.

We're over this trend. So this year, we're creating long-term habits that we can actually keep.

First: get that mind and body on a healthyish path. Think: better sleep, better morning routines, and better products to make you say 'namastay healthy all year.'

Get started here.


For when the only exercise you did over the holidays was unwrapping presents...

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For when everyone's talking about 'new year, new diet'...

Let me live. We found everything to up your health game this year with minimal effort. And without wellness trends or judgment. Here you go.

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