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JANUARY 18, 2019


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Skimm'd with cookies in the oven


"Time is not something I acknowledge" – We're here for Mariah Carey's take on the 10-year challenge. And everyone on social media should take a hint.


The Story

The Trump admin separated thousands more migrant children from their families at the southern border than we previously knew about.

Back up.

Last year, the Trump admin announced a "zero tolerance" policy. Unlike recent admins, this meant the US started separating families caught crossing the US-Mexico border illegally to prosecute the adults. So, thousands of children were separated while their parents went through the criminal process. Cue outrage and President Trump ending the policy. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) identified 2,737 children who were separated from their parents under the policy. Now, we're learning there's more.

What exactly did we learn?

Yesterday, the HHS watchdog dropped a report saying that there was an increase in children separated at the border starting in 2017, nearly a year before the Trump admin officially announced the "zero tolerance" policy. The Dept of Homeland Security says that it's standard for children to be separated at the border in cases where the parent has a criminal record or a kid's safety is at risk. And that the uptick was due to more families crossing the border in general.

So, how many kids were separated?

The report estimates that thousands of kids were separated before the policy was announced. The key word being estimates. No one knows the exact number because HHS didn't have a formal tracking policy at the time. One news report from last year puts the number at 1,800 immigrant families impacted.


The increase in family separations goes further back than the public knew. Most children separated under "zero tolerance" have been reunited with their families. And while the government says the other children have been released from its custody, it's unclear exactly what happened to them after that.


What to say when the group text is blowing up your phone...

Welcome to day 28 of the partial government shutdown. Here's where things stand: you might remember earlier this week when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) suggested President Trump postpone his State of the Union address because of the shutdown. Yesterday, Trump hit back by scrapping Pelosi's planned trip on a military plane to visit US troops in Brussels and Afghanistan. Although he said she's free to fly commercial. Way harsh, Tai. Meanwhile, the State Dept went digging in the couch cushions and says it found some extra change to pay US diplomats and other workers…for the next two weeks. And Trump said the US will update its missile defense system for the first time in almost a decade. Interesting time to announce a program that could cost billions of dollars. In case all that didn't make your head spin, Michael Cohen admitted to paying a tech company to rig online polls in Trump's favor before his presidential campaign. TGIF.

What people are watching…

Bogotá, Colombia. Yesterday, a car bomb went off at a police academy there. At least 21 people died and dozens more were injured. The attack led to fears that the country's history of violence may be coming back. Nobody claimed responsibility. Colombia's president called it a "miserable terrorist act," and officials reportedly said it's the deadliest terror attack there in more than 15 years.

Who people are talking about

Laquan McDonald. Yesterday, three Chicago police officers were acquitted of trying to cover up McDonald's fatal shooting. In 2014, an officer shot McDonald – a black teen – 16 times. Dashcam footage showed this happening as McDonald was moving away from him. The officer was found guilty of second-degree murder, and is expected to be sentenced today. Meanwhile, three other officers were charged for things like lying about how the shooting took place. They said McDonald lunged at them with a knife, prompting the other officer to shoot him. Now a judge has acquitted them, saying that the officers might have witnessed something that wasn't apparent in the video.

What you'll be seeing on your newsfeed this weekend…

The Women's March. It's going down for the third year in a row tomorrow. There are marches scheduled around the country. But this year's turnout could be affected by all the recent controversy. We Skimm'd the history of the movement and some of the latest problems it's facing here.

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What to say when you have too much on your plate…

Need to ask these NBA refs how to multitask.


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