Skimm'd with unanswered questions

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NOVEMBER 06, 2019


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Skimm'd with unanswered questions


"This dog took a DNA test. Turns out he's 100 percent endangered dingo" – The realities of life in Australia. He's got dog problems, that's the dingo in him.


The Story

Thousands of scientists around the world say we're facing a "climate emergency."

Let's hear it.

A new study dropped yesterday, on the 40th anniversary of the first World Climate Conference. More than 11,000 scientists signed off on it, and it doesn't hold back on the current climate situation. The takeaway: that we haven't done enough to combat climate change in the last 40 years. That the crisis is accelerating. That population growth, increased meat production, and air travel (among other issues) are contributing to warmer temps. And that all of this is amounting to a climate emergency.

Well, that woke me right up.

Yeah it's a serious wake-up call. The good news? The report lists ways for us to take action to turn things around. That includes eating more plant-based foods and less meat. Stabilizing the human population with things like family planning services. And putting more focus on reducing inequality and protecting ecosystems than on growing GDP and wealth. One of the scientists behind the study says "while things are bad, all is not hopeless." But that means countries and people need to make some serious changes, stat.


This is the first time that a large group of scientists has labeled the climate crisis an emergency. And unlike some other reports, this one focuses on how to give Mother Earth TLC. There's a lot that policymakers and businesses can do to help alter the course that we're on – but this study emphasizes there are individual choices we can make, too.

Skimm More: We also rounded up some ways that you can combat climate change.


When you got your "I Voted" sticker yesterday...

Time for the results. Virginia's saying 'to the left, to the left' after Democrats took full control of the state government for the first time in decades. And Kentucky may also be seeing blue, after Andy Beshear (D) claimed victory over incumbent Gov. Matt Bevin (R) – a Trump favorite. Mississippi's staying red as Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves (R) gets a promotion to governor.

...Oh, and fun fact for your dinner conversation tonight: some New Jersey voters are cracking down on short-term rentals like Airbnb.

What's setting limitations…

France. Yesterday, it said it'll set quotas on the number of immigrant workers (outside the EU) that it will allow in the country. The move is seen as an attempt by President Emmanuel Macron's government to get support from right-wing supporters – who say the gov is letting in too many foreigners and not protecting French workers. This is the first time the country has implemented these types of quotas. They're expected to go into effect by next summer. In the meantime, the gov still has to decide which professions would be impacted by this.

What news will have your phone buzzing...

The T-Mobile-Sprint merger. Yesterday, the FCC officially approved the merger that will combine the third and fourth-largest wireless carriers in the country. The Justice Dept has already given its blessing, but the merger still faces legal challenges as multiple states sued over concerns that they could drive up prices for customers.

This settlement. AT&T agreed to a $60 million settlement with the FTC. Back in 2014, the agency accused AT&T of charging for "unlimited" data plans that were...not so unlimited. The company apparently slowed down connections once they hit a certain limit. Now, the company is having to cut a check to the customers affected.

$: What's money got to do with it? Here's how a T-Mobile-Sprint merger could affect your wallet.

Who's gotten his memory back…

Gordon Sondland. The US ambassador to the EU changed his earlier testimony to impeachment investigators and now seems to be admitting there was a quid pro quo. He says he remembers telling a Ukrainian official that the US "would likely" hold off on aid until Ukraine publicly commits to the investigations that President Trump wanted. And that his memory was "refreshed" after hearing other people's testimony. Handy. But the White House says this still isn't enough evidence for the impeachment inquiry.

What to bring to this year's Friendsgiving...




Not a new box to check off on your tax forms. It's a new term (coined by Hermione herself) for being single. Wingardium lev-ing our best life.


Budgeting isn't as fun as brunch or a weekend in Paris. But it can help you afford both...and reach your other big financial goals. You just have to find the style that works for you. This quiz can help.


For when you can't find the thing you just put down…

Time to investigate. The stakes are a little higher on "Dublin Murders," a new series based on two Tana French novels. The psychological mystery follows two detectives who have some deep connections to the crime they're trying to solve. NBD. Download the STARZ app now and watch the premiere on November 10th.*

For when you used to beg your parents to let you buy makeup…

Feels good to be all grown up. Especially today. Tarte cosmetics is letting you pick six full-size items plus a makeup bag for $63. NBD, but the retail price is over $200. PS: their popular shape tape concealer is also on sale. But it only lasts for 24 hours. Go go go.*

For when all of your favorite stores are running sales at once...

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For when you're hosting Friendsgiving this year…

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Making Sandra Bullock proud…Brenna S (AK). She won the People's Choice Award at the Miss Alaska pageant and was honored for her work with child literacy.

Cheers to…Bobbi M (WV). She recently became an AmeriCorps VISTA to travel around West Virginia and create high school STEM and robotics programs. Just call her Bobbi the Builder.

(Some) Birthdays…Michele Cahoone (PA), Deliliah Schwartz (NY), Arielle Siner (OH), Dora Miller (IL), Tristan Henry-Wilson (NJ), Noreen Deutsch (NJ), Phoebe Minacapelli (MD), Robin Darling (MI), Stefan Zachar (FL), Willie de la Melena (CA), Rachael Ossovicki (OH), Rebecca Taylor (CA)

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