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MARCH 31, 2020


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Skimm'd with Brad and Leo…


"There's no one to judge you at home" – One take on the trend of men shaving their hair off in self-quarantine. The's growing on us.


The Story

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) is begging health care workers nationwide to come and help.

How bad is it?

New York has almost half of the country's known COVID-19 cases. More than 66,000 people have been infected and more than 1,200 have died. With the outbreak expected to get worse, Cuomo has asked health care workers to come and volunteer. The concern is that NY's medical workers won't be able to handle the caseload, especially as some workers start to get sick. He's also urged all NY hospitals to work together, adding that different parts of the state could reach peak infection at different times. And that critical supplies like ventilators and hospital beds face shortages.

What's being done?

Last week, Georgia health care workers flew to New York to help out. In New York City, an area of Central Park turned into a makeshift hospital that includes 68 beds for respiratory care. And yesterday, the USNS Comfort officially docked in New York Harbor, providing an additional 1,000 hospital beds and 1,200 personnel. The Comfort is not expecting to treat coronavirus patients but instead to help with other emergencies, freeing up beds at NY hospitals.

Anything else?

While NYC has received 2,500 ventilators from the federal government, Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) has said the city only has enough of things like masks and gloves to last through the week. But yesterday, Cuomo shared a glimmer of hope with NY residents: the rate of cases doubling has slowed down. What was once a doubling of cases every three days, is happening every six days.


New York continues to be the epicenter of the pandemic in the US, with hundreds of deaths each day. And officials continue to make it clear that this pandemic cannot be fought alone – Americans need to stand together by staying apart in order to bring this to an end.


As countries grapple with the economic fallout from COVID-19, Kristalina Georgieva – chief of the International Monetary Fund – said the global economy has entered a recession that could be worse than the one in 2009. And that the pandemic has led the world economy to a "sudden stop."

Last week, she urged countries to band together, saying the recession's severity depends on how nations coordinate their response to the coronavirus and contain it. And reportedly warned that bankruptcies and layoffs could affect the world's recovery.

It's not all bad news. The IMF said the global economy could see a "sizable rebound" and recovery next year. And said it'll use it's $1 trillion credit capacity to help countries impacted by the virus.

Psst...there are different definitions for the word "recession." Here's what one could mean for your income, investments, and big money goals.


Who's looking power Hungary...

Viktor Orbán. Yesterday, Hungary's parliament agreed to let the prime minister rule by decree until the coronavirus pandemic ends. Meaning, whatever he says goes...indefinitely. The rule change only stops when a majority in parliament decides it misses having oversight. But guess whose party holds a two-thirds majority in parliament? (Hint: rhymes with Shmorbán.) Orbán says the emergency powers are necessary to fight the pandemic. And swears he'll hand back power once the crisis is over. Critics aren't buying it. And some are calling on the EU to hold him in check.

  • But wait, there's more: The law also includes a five-year max prison term for those who intentionally spread false info that hinders the gov's response to the COVID-19 crisis. It's raising concerns that the gov could use this to crack down on journalists.

What's got authorities saying 'where did it Gogh'...

This theft. Yesterday, on what would have been his 167th birthday, thieves stole a Vincent Van Gogh painting from a museum near Amsterdam. The museum was closed as part of a coronavirus lockdown. The value of the painting – "Spring Garden" – is unknown. But police said it was the only artwork stolen.

Who's saying 'nope' to the gender pay gap

These Olympians.

While HQ Trivia is back in the spotlight...

This couple is officially on its way out.

2020 Tuesdays

With COVID-19 dominating the US's attention, the presidential election process is in limbo. Multiple states have delayed their primaries or scrapped in-person voting entirely, relying on residents to mail in their ballots.

President Trump has been able to reach the American people through daily press briefings. But Dem candidates are trying to figure out how to get in on the media action as well. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and former VP Joe Biden – who is leading in the Democratic delegate count – have gone virtual with town halls and campaign rallies. Biden has also launched a podcast called "Here's the Deal."

The general election is still on track for November – and btw, moving that date would require changing federal law. But the impact of the virus on the primary process is changing by the day. Stay safe, stay informed, and if you can vote safely: do it. Check here to make sure you're registered to vote.


The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting us all in different ways. No matter your situation, sometimes you just need to press pause. Enter: our picks to help you take a break…

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3. "Verified Strangers." It's a new romance novel by Lena Dunham. But with a twist. Vogue's releasing it chapter by chapter online. And you can vote on the outcome on IG. Get involved.

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In times like these, community matters more than ever. Send a shoutout in the link below to the people you're missing while social distancing. Or let us know how you (or someone you know) is making an impact by helping others.

Skimm'r of the Week…Eryn S-R (TX). She's the founder and director of Mac Mission Incorporated – a grassroots nonprofit. It assembles and distributes backpacks filled with items for those experiencing homelessness in Austin. And operates with donations and volunteers. Learn more and donate here.

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