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APRIL 20, 2020


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Skimm'd with a revamped music queue


"It is remarkable" – A Florida judge, calling out lawyers who show up for Zoom hearings underdressed. Filing a brief…doesn't mean filing in briefs.


The Story

Governors across the country are facing pressure to re-open their states.

What do you mean?

Last week, President Trump shared his proposed guidelines to help states re-open. And said there's enough testing to make it happen. But Republican and Democratic governors are pushing back, saying access to testing is far below what's needed to loosen coronavirus restrictions.

Why is testing so important?

Experts say it's critical for containing the virus if people are going to be leaving their homes. That's because you can't track down and quarantine positive patients if you don't know who has the virus. Right now, the US is testing about 150,000 people for COVID-19 every day. But researchers say we need to more than double that rate before states can safely roll back restrictions.


Right. But the White House says there's enough testing available for "any state in America" to loosen restrictions at least a little bit (think: some businesses opening if they can enforce social distancing). The announcement comes as thousands of people have turned out in at least seven states to protest stay-at-home orders and the accompanying economic hardship. Trump has thrown his support behind protesters in three of those states – ones run by Democratic governors.

But is the gov helping with the hardship part?

Yes. But there have been issues. Ever since the Paycheck Protection Program dried up last week, lawmakers have been working on a new deal that would increase its funding. It could pass the Senate as soon as today. And it's expected to also provide aid for testing, hospitals, and small businesses.


With jobs in jeopardy and no clear end date to the pandemic, many are getting restless. And the growing divide between states and the gov is making Americans wonder how long they'll be asking 'are we there yet?'


Where people are mourning…

Nova Scotia. Over the weekend, a gunman posing as a police officer opened fire across multiple towns in the Canadian province, killing at least 16 people. It's the deadliest shooting in the country's history. Police are still looking for a motive but said some victims appeared to be targeted at "random." Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he was saddened by the "senseless violence" that had taken place.

Who is racking up delegates…

Former VP Joe Biden. Surprise: the last Democrat standing just won the Wyoming Democratic caucuses. They were supposed to happen in-person earlier this month. But because of COVID-19, the state turned the in-person caucuses into a primary…and held it entirely by mail. According to the state's Democratic Party, vote participation was a record 38%. Next Tuesday, it's Ohio's turn to vote.

Who's singing 'liberty, liberty, liberty'...

Sabrina Ionescu. The Oregon Ducks' top point guard was this year's first pick in the WNBA draft and is heading to the New York Liberty. The draft was held virtually, as players, coaches, and families joined via videoconference. And the night included a celebration for three honorary draft picks: Alyssa Altobelli, Gianna Bryant, and Payton Chester. The girls all belonged to the Mamba Sports Academy and were killed in the January helicopter crash that also claimed the lives of Kobe Bryant and five others.

What had people tuned in…

One World. Over the weekend, artists including Lady Gaga, Stevie Wonder, and the Rolling Stones had many dancing and singing along in the hours-long live-streamed concert. (Missed it? No worries, we have a link for you here.) Beyoncé joined the artists in thanking the "true heroes" including doctors and nurses for their selfless service. And brought attention to black communities that are disproportionately affected by the crisis. The fundraising concert raised over $127 million for COVID-19 relief.

What to say for your vows on Zoom

Love you to the Mars rover and back.

Who's always worth waiting for...

Fiona Apple.


The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting us all in different ways. No matter your situation, sometimes you just need to press pause. Enter: our picks to help you take a break…

1. Starbucks drink recipes. So you can have your Venti iced caramel macchiato with extra ice and three pumps of caramel without having to say it out loud.

2. The ultimate push-up guide. Because apparently everyone on Instagram can already do 10 push-ups. This one goes out to people (like us) who missed that day in gym class.

3. DIY decor ideas from TikTok. If you've already reorganized your pantry, move on to these low-lift makeover projects. Like string wall hangings. Or hand-painted beer bottles. Brb, becoming HGTV's next star.

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In times like these, community matters more than ever. Let us know how you (or someone you know) is making an impact by helping others.

A shoutout for...Jill S (NY). She's a volunteer captain with a Volunteer Ambulance Corps handling multiple positive and suspected COVID-19 cases. All while working to make sure volunteers and employees are safe and healthy to go home to their families every day.

And the golden ticket goes to...Meghan R (WA). She works at a nonprofit called Ticket to Dream, helping kids in foster care receive laptops so they can do schoolwork at home. The org is also helping aged-out foster youth who don't have safety nets pay bills like rent, utilities, and gas. Learn more and donate here.

(Some) Birthdays...Richard Franco (NY), Cherrie Haugh (TX), Laura Edge (WI), Katie Paskar (NE), Jenny Andrejack (NC), Niki Kazakos (CA), Selina Homily (AZ), Ann Schrupp (MN), Karen White (MD), Carrie Abes (FL), Sarah Naughton (CO), Jenni Balck (CA), Brittany Carey (DC), Nancy Woodruff (GA), Heather Sorum (WI)

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