Skimm'd while talking to one of the women behind the COVID-19 vaccine

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Skimm'd while talking to one of the women behind the COVID-19 vaccine

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Quote of the Day

"Zoom Escaper" – An app that creates annoying sounds to use on Zoom calls so people ask you to leave. Where was this a year ago?


The Story

There's been another deadly shooting event in the US.


Georgia. Yesterday, attacks at three separate massage parlors in or near Atlanta left at least eight people dead – six of them women of Asian descent. Police have arrested a man – suspected in all three shootings – and are still investigating the motive. But the attacks are sending shockwaves throughout the Asian American community and beyond.

Tell me.

Since the start of the pandemic, there have been nearly 3,800 hate-related incidents against Asian Americans reported – the vast majority targeting women. One report found that in many major US cities (like New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Boston) anti-Asian hate crimes rose nearly 150% last year. Many attribute the rise to former President Trump's rhetoric about the virus – including his use of xenophobic language.

What are people saying?

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R) – who is staunchly pro-gun rights – called the attacks "horrific acts of violence" and said his "entire family is praying for the victims." President Biden has yet to comment – but had already directed agencies to investigate anti-Asian discrimination. Stop AAPI Hate – formed during the pandemic to track and respond to anti-Asian violence – called the latest attacks in Georgia "an unspeakable tragedy." And the NYPD and Seattle PD are expanding their police presence in Asian communities.


There's still much we don't know about yesterday's attacks. But what we do know is exacerbating the very real fear Asian Americans are feeling around the country. And it's not what America should look like.

And Also...This

What people are talking about...

Immigration. Yesterday, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said the number of migrants at the Southwest border could reach levels not seen in 20 years. It comes as the Biden admin's been facing criticism over reports of children going hungry, sleeping on the floor, and being held longer than legally allowed at overcrowded facilities. Now, Mayorkas is saying the border situation isn't easing up. And added that the US is "working around the clock to manage" what's happening by sending FEMA in to help, creating shelters in Arizona and Texas, and finding sponsors or relatives to house migrant children.

  • The arguments: Mayorkas cited violence and poverty in Mexico and deteriorating conditions in El Salvador and Guatemala (and the hurricanes in Honduras) for migrants flooding the border. Republicans say the Biden admin's 'inviting' immigration policies are behind the surge. But President Biden denies he's issued an open invite. And in an interview with ABC aired yesterday, he explicitly told migrants "don't come" to the US right now.
  • The US's policy: Currently, single adults and most families are being deported to Mexico. But anyone under the age of 18 who's unaccompanied is allowed to stay in the US until the gov decides whether they can remain in the country.

What's going green in time for St. Patrick's Day...

People's bank accounts. Today, many Americans are expected to receive their government stimulus check. Last week, the gov approved checks of up to $1,400 to Americans making under $75K. Now, that money should hit the bank accounts of those who have direct deposit info with the Internal Revenue Service (and filed their 2020 or 2019 tax returns). But today's 'pay day' could delay nearly 7 million people's tax returns, since the IRS has a lot on its plate (of gold).

  • To-do list: Find out if you're getting a stimulus check here, and when it's expected to hit your account here. Oh, and don't forget to file your taxes by April 15. You're welcome.

Psst...don't forget the MVPs of tax season: deductions and credits.

Who's making moves outside the court...

LeBron James. The NBA superstar has become a partner of Fenway Sports Group (FSG), making him part-owner of the Boston Red Sox, Liverpool Football Club, and Roush Fenway Racing. Once the deal's approved, James – who's opened a school and won a Sports Emmy – and his longtime business partner will become the first Black partners in FSG history. Slam dunk.

While researchers have discovered Dead Sea Scrolls

The Oakland A's have discovered bitcoin.

While Demi Lovato is opening up...

So is Elliot Page.

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A jab well done...Sharon L (CA). She's a physical therapist who helped create Vax Volunteers. It's a grassroots effort that's helping people find volunteer opportunities at vaccine clinics across the country. Learn more.

Take a HIIT...Tracy A (WA) and Ali C (CA). They started Surge Fit, a HIIT workout that incorporates music and weight training to get results. Feel the burn.

(Some) Birthdays...Rebekah Jaffe (MA), Karen Mills (NY), Tim Henderson (VA), Jillian Kemper (WA), Katie Budd (NY), Cate Little (DC), Amanda Wallbrink (NY), Sarah Mooney (PA), Michael Gaier (NJ), Shannon Brunett (CO), Ashley Cleveland (OK), Beverly Howell (CA), Pat Stack (NY), Heather MacKeen (FL), Kari Morrison (FL)

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