Skimm'd during a special Mother's Day ep of our podcast

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Skimm'd during a special Mother's Day ep of our podcast

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Quote of the Day

"I was happy, my town was bigger" – A Belgian mayor, after a farmer moved a border marker with France so his tractor could have more room. Le drama.

Taking Stock

The Story

President Biden's moving the goal post.

Do tell.

More than 105 million people in the US are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. And over 147 million (56%) received their first dose. But Biden wants more. Yesterday, he said he's working to give 70% of American adults at least one vaccine shot by July 4. How? Easier access to vaccines. He's calling on pharmacies to offer more walk-in jabs (no appointment necessary) and on FEMA to help with pop-up and mobile clinics. He's also allowing states to request unused vaccines from other states that don't have as much demand. But despite all the effort, health experts say reaching "herd immunity" may not be possible.

Why is that?

In part because Americans are vaccine hesitant. Herd immunity is typically reached for a disease when 70%-90% of the population gets vaccinated. But a study found that one in four Americans is saying 'eh I think I'm good' on this one. Anti-vax campaigns on platforms like Facebook haven't helped. Thousands of troops are also saying 'no thanks.' And one report found 18% of health care workers are skipping out, too. So getting to 70% could be a reach.

You know what they say, 'go big or stay home.'

Exactly. Vaccines could help end lockdowns and quarantine. And the ones the FDA greenlighted are safe and effective. For those who believe the vaccine was created too quickly, scientists have actually been studying mRNA vaccines (like Pfizer's and Moderna's) and adenovirus-based vaccines (Johnson & Johnson's) for decades. If you want to travel, countries like the UK, EU, and Japan are looking into requiring vaccine passports. And if you're on the job hunt, some workplaces may even require a shot.


Getting vaccinated is the single biggest step anyone can take to get us all to the After Times. And it's free. So those who prefer not to get jabbed may prolong lockdowns, restrictions, and a missed opportunity at herd immunity.

And Also...This

Where the situation continues to get worse…

India. Yesterday, it became the second country (after the US) to surpass 20 million coronavirus cases. Since March, new variants and loosened restrictions have led infections to skyrocket in India – overwhelming the country's health care system and crematoriums. Now, a public health expert warns the next few weeks could be "horrible" as people continue to face shortages of medical oxygen and hospital beds. The opposition party's urging Prime Minister Narendra Modi to impose a national lockdown. But Modi fears it could be bad for the economy.

Where people are back to square one…

Israel. Yesterday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu failed to form a coalition gov – prolonging the country's political stalemate and leaving a question mark over his own personal future. In March, Israeli voters went to the polls for the fourth time in two years. The reason? The gov collapsed after leaders failed to pass a national budget. Netanyahu's party didn't get the 61 seats needed to rule parliament, but his party did get the most seats in the March election. So, Israel's president gave him 28 days to form a coalition gov with other political parties. But Netanyahu didn't pull it off – partly because parties don't want a PM who's on trial for corruption.

  • Crystal ball says: future unclear. Israel's president could ask the opposition leader Yair Lapid (whose party came in second) to form a coalition gov. Or he could have parliament vote for another candidate to give it a go.

  • Do you get déjà vu: If no candidate succeeds, Israel could face a fifth election in two years. The saga is creating a tough image for a country that prides itself as the only democracy in the region.

What's shifting into high gear…

China. A New York Times report found the country's speeding past Europe and North America in the electric vehicle race. And is on track to roll out over 8 million electric cars a year by 2028. For comparison, China produced 1 million EVs last year. But support from international investors and local leaders is helping Chinese electric car companies open factories at a much faster rate than any other country. Vroom.

  • Trailing (not too) far behind: This all comes as Biden's made electric cars an integral part of his proposed infrastructure plan – with goals of investing $174 billion in zero-emission vehicles and upping the number of charging stations.

PS: We Skimm'd why driving an electric car or even just making little changes to your daily routine can help fight climate change.

Who's saying 'don't mine if I do'…

Pandora. Yesterday, the world's biggest jeweler said it'll only sell lab-grown diamonds, not mined ones. The move helps the company avoid some of the concerns around traditional diamonds (like forced labor) while also reducing its carbon footprint.

Who's feeling the crypto high…

Ethereum's creator Vitalik Buterin.

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Skimm Well

Ahead of Mother's Day, we have a message for moms: we see you. In our survey of Skimm'r parents, 77% of moms reported feelings of loss related to personal space and time for themselves. And around two-thirds chose "exhaustion" and "anxiety" as emotions they've experienced most often in the last six months. What gives? The "invisible labor" moms juggle is to blame. We Skimm'd what that is (hint: it has a lot to do with gender inequality at home and at work), other things you may be feeling, and how to prioritize your mental health even when you're short on time.


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We like to celebrate the wins, big and small. Let us know how your friends, neighbors, coworkers (and yes, even you) are making career moves, checking off goals, or making an impact in the community.

Raising voices...Leah S (NY). She's part of an initiative that highlights the resiliency of women who've been diagnosed with ALS in their 20s and 30s. The goal's to raise awareness that ALS can strike anyone, anywhere, at any time in their life. Learn more for ALS Awareness Month.

Brewing change...Randy H (WI). He's helping to honor veterans ahead of Memorial Day. Village Roasters LLC created the Heroic Roast blend coffee. A portion of each bag sold will go to the De Pere VFW Post 2113, a nonprofit veterans org.

(Some) Birthdays...Andy Stern (NY), David Golkin (NY), Ariel Stein (NY), Alayna Dafforn (IN), Francesca Barber (NY), Autumn Jodzio Niemczak (IN), Patty Kreamer (PA), Lisa Bracken (OK), Olivia Maguire (FL), Margaret Wong (CA), Rita Stewart (WA), Kiara Duncan (DC), Debra Kovarik (IL), Marsha Hendren (CT), Andi Bragiel (OH)

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We've got a special Mother's Day ep of "Skimm'd from the Couch" with Reshma Saujani – the founder of Girls Who Code, organizer for the Marshall Plan for moms, and a mom herself. We spoke to her about parenthood, entrepreneurship, and what policy changes could benefit working parents.

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