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“Ketchup, and baked beans”

— Some of the ice cream flavors offered to Londoners this summer. Fancy a cuppa?


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The Story

The Senate passed a landmark climate, tax, and drug pricing bill.

What is it?

It’s called the Inflation Reduction Act and costs over $430 billion. The ambitious bill is looking to tackle climate change, cut the national deficit, and make prescription drugs more affordable. The bill passed by a 51-50 vote (with all Republicans voting against), and VP Kamala Harris cast the tie-breaker vote. Here's what's in it…

Climate change…The bill is said to be the biggest climate investment in US history with more than $300 billion going to clean energy initiatives. The bill emphasizes boosting renewable energy manufacturing like for solar panels and wind turbines. It also includes tax breaks for those who make their home more energy efficient and electric vehicle users. Dems say the changes will cut greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by the end of the decade.

Health care…The bill would give Medicare the power to negotiate the cost of some pricey prescription drugs, starting in 2026. And extend Affordable Care Act subsidies for another three years. Dems tried to include a $35 price cap for insulin per month. But since politics got in the way, the cap would only apply to those covered by Medicare.

Tax reform…The legislation wants to increase funding for the underfunded IRS. It creates a 15% minimum tax for companies that make $1 billion or more. That’s expected to bring the gov about $300 billion in revenue. And it includes a 1% tax on companies’ stock buybacks.

What’s next?

It heads to the House floor for a vote on Friday, where it will likely pass. Climate orgs say that the Senate made “climate history” by passing the “most significant action” the country has taken to fight climate change. But Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) called it a costly bill that won’t “reduce inflation at all.”


The biggest uphill battle Senate Dems faced in getting this bill over the finish line was from within their own party. Now, this bill could lead to historic changes if it gets President Biden’s signature. But we won’t see those benefits for years.


On Friday, Indiana became the first state to pass a new abortion ban since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. The new law, which goes into effect Sept 15, bans all abortions except in cases where the mother’s life is in danger, rape, incest, or severe birth defects. Doctors who perform illegal abortions will lose their medical license.

At least 13 states had trigger laws in place — but Indiana is the first to pass newly written legislation. Currently, Indianans can still have an abortion for up to 20 weeks until the law goes into effect on Sept 15. Indiana-based companies have condemned the law, saying it’s making it more difficult to recruit employees. But Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb (R) says the new law “accomplishes this goal” of protecting life.

And Also...This

Where tensions are high…

Israel and Gaza. Yesterday, the two sides agreed to a cease-fire with the help of Egyptian mediators. On Friday, Israel launched a military operation against the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), killing one of the PIJ’s senior commanders in Gaza. The PIJ is backed by Iran, which routinely provides money, weapons, and other support. The militant group fired over 700 rockets — most of which were ineffective or intercepted by the Israeli military. The violence has also killed more than 43 Palestinians, including 15 children, and injured more than 300. Meanwhile, Hamas is staying out of the fray amid worries the violence could escalate and economic deals with Israel could be at risk.


What’s been dissolved…

This police department. Last week, a small Alabama town voted to disband its three-member police department after racist texts surfaced. Vincent is located about 30 miles southeast of Birmingham and about 20% of its population is Black. The city council suspended the police chief and assistant when the texts were first revealed before disbanding the entire department. Now, the town will receive emergency law enforcement service support from the county. One city council member said, “this has torn this community apart.”


Who needs to pay up…

Alex Jones. Last week, a Texas jury ordered Jones to pay nearly $45 million in punitive damages to the parents of a Sandy Hook victim. Neil Heslin and Scarlett Lewis’s son Jesse was one of the 26 victims during the 2012 school shooting. They sued Jones for claiming the shooting was staged. He still faces two more damage trials about his false claims. 


Who wants to sweep the competition…

Amazon and Roomba.


What’s got a bubbling issue…

Craft breweries.

Thing to Know

Together withWe can do this

Over 28 million

That’s the number of American kids ages 5 and older who have gotten a COVID vaccine, according to the CDC. Psst…that represents nearly half the children in that age range. And now, even more kids are eligible. 

ICYMI: The CDC and American Academy of Pediatrics both recommend children 6 months and older get a COVID vaccine ASAP. Because it’s the best protection available against the worst outcomes of the disease. And all of the FDA-approved and CDC-recommended vaccines have gone through clinical trials with children. They also meet the FDA's rigorous standards for safety and effectiveness. Still got questions? Talk to a healthcare provider. Ready to find a vaccine site near you? Head here.

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